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If you have a PS4, you already know that it is a wonderful and powerful gaming machine with different kinds of features and things that you can do to share the games you play. I for one am really starting to use a specific type of feature that the PS4 is equipped with and rapidly becoming popular today. We will take a look at that feature as well as the trending games PS4 share.

PS4 Sharing Feature

In the past, if you wanted to share your gaming adventures with others such as creating videos or even screenshots, you had to buy a separate game capture device that you had to connect externally to the game system and the TV as well as a computer. Depending on the brand, the price can range anywhere from $50 to over $200. I did buy one early last year and tried it mainly with the PS3, but really didn’t like it that much because just streaming the gameplay onto the PC just so you can do a screen capture or record a video takes up quite a bit of hard drive space.

With the PS4, you now no longer need an external device thanks to its share feature included in the system. What makes this feature really handy and easy to use is the fact that the PS4 controller has a share button on it so you can take a screenshot or start recording your gameplay with the press of a button. You can set the share button a specific way to take a screenshot and another way to start recording. An example I have is that you press and hold the share button for around a second and it takes a screenshot where as for recording my gameplay, I double tap the share button.

You can also set the length of time you want to record your gameplay such as 5, 10, and 15 minutes. 15 minutes is the maximum length of time it will allow you to record your gameplay in one setting. I personally usually try to keep it around 5 minutes, but I do have a video that is 15 minutes long. There are also other settings in the share options in regards to broadcasting such as streaming a live event that you can set as well. I have not done a live broadcast at this time, but plan to do one in the future.

Share options
Share options


Some other nice features regarding the video recording aspect of the Share feature is the ability to upload them directly to YouTube and Facebook. If you have an account with either, it is quite simple to upload to either one. You just have to make sure you’re logged into your account on whichever one you prefer and click upload. I have uploaded some videos directly to YouTube this way and it does come in handy if you want them uploaded to your account quickly.

Don’t want to upload them just yet, but want to add some things or edit videos and screenshots on a computer? No problem, as the PS4 has 2 USB drives on the front of the system where you can stick a USB storage device onto it and save them there. I generally prefer this method because that way I can utilize more options from my YouTube account using a PC rather than just simply uploading it to my account on the PS4. You have choices on how you want to share your gameplay with others which makes it really nice to have.

Trending Games PS4 Share

The PS4 is starting to get a nice collection of games now that it has been out awhile. Some games are of course more popular then others and therefore gamers are more willing to make gameplay videos of the more popular and fun games to play. I will have to say the game that seems to have among the most or at least the best and funniest game play videos is Grand Theft Auto 5.

The above video is my 15 minute gameplay session of Grand Theft Auto 5 where I used the invincibility code along with several other cheat codes. You’ll see in the video that I had super jump enabled, exploding bullets and fast run codes all enabled to enhance the craziness that happened with the invincibility code.

On YouTube, you can change the resolution of the video but when you are recording on the PS4, it is in high definition so you can expect 1080p from the get go. I love watching the gameplay videos of others in high definition goodness!

Many other people post quite a few of their gameplay sessions on YouTube especially the multiplayer aspect of GTA 5. What I really like about that is seeing the different editing processes people use on their videos as well as their own commentary or specific music they may want to use to enhance their gameplay videos. The sky is the limit on how you want to present you game sessions to the world.

There is something that does need to be mentioned regarding the Share function and certain games. Believe it or not there are a few games out there that do block the Share feature from being used. One of them is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Now it is up to the individual game publishers and developers whether or not they want to have the Share feature available on their games. According to Activision, they didn’t have time to implement the Share feature for their game or have the time to research it to add to the game before it was released. I say that more than likely it will be available on the next Call of Duty game.

There are other trending games ps4 share is used to showcase to other people just interested in watching people play games such as The Crew, Drive Club, Far Cry 4 and others. I certainly plan on releasing my gameplay sessions on some of my other games such as Watch Dogs.

The Share feature on the PS4 is just another reason why you should buy the game system. Its ease of use and easy uploads make it a breeze and there is also what is called Share Factory which allows you to edit your video clips so others don’t have to wait long periods of time to see your most exciting game play moments. There are now video tutorials available on YouTube that show you how best to edit those clips so you don’t have to guess at it especially if you are not used to editing your own videos. If you have a PS4, do comment if you have used the Share function with your games. If so, don’t hesitate to link to your most popular gameplay videos.

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  1. Hi, Well you have made me want to buy a Ps4 again!.
    Great article by the way very informative. I learned a lot from it.
    My question is: Do you find the 15 minutes a real limit on what your thinking of doing?
    What if it takes longer to show something?

    1. Hi there Lisa! Glad you like the article! As far as the 15 minutes, it is kind of a toss up on that. It seems like it can be a long time to reach 15 minutes, but of course it depends on what I’m doing. If it is a particular mission, yeah it can be a limit on that because of course there’s the likelihood of me repeating the mission in which case it’ll be pretty easy to reach that 15 minutes. I have been experimenting with something though that could resolve the problem of the 15 minute limit and it is related to something big I plan on launching here in April so definitely check back 🙂

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