New Details on Batman Arkham Knight Map Size

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Pic of Batman Arkham Knight from Flickr
Pic of Batman Arkham Knight from Flickr

Thanks to a new article from GamingBolt, there are some details regarding the possible size of the open game world of Gotham City in the game Batman Arkham Knight. According to the Social Marketing Manager from the game developer, it is supposed to be monstrous in scale and five times the size of Arkham City.

Now I’ve never played Arkham City (I know, shame on me), but since I love open world games, I’m salivating exploring a massive Gotham City in this game. I’m sure many Batman fans are excited for this as well. Even though there has already been some information released about the premise of the game, the developer is promising that it will be a living, breathing world (how many developers though have promised that before?).

It will be interesting to see how the developers (spoilers!) do this considering they said that Gotham City will be devoid of most of its citizens due to Scare Crow threatening the city with his fear toxin causing the residents to flee the city. Nevertheless, what is supposed to remain mostly will be the criminal element and maybe those few who refuse to leave a city even with the threat of a disaster.

I for one am eager to see how this new villain, the Arkham Knight will be a challenge to Batman. With some of Batman’s old enemies teaming up with this new villan, criminals terrorizing the city, a fully realized open world Gotham City to explore and one heck of a Batmobile to explore this city in, this probably will be one of the best Batman games ever created. What does everyone think about the potential size of the game map? Does it sound like it is big enough or should it be bigger? Post your thoughts and check out the full article here!

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