The Crew Wild Run

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It has been quite sometime since I’ve talked about the massively large open world racing game, The Crew. You can’t necessarily blame me with the release of other great open world games to keep me busy such as GTA V, Need For Speed, and The Witcher 3. I do like The Crew and I do miss it and driving around its huge map the smaller representations of real US cities. Since I’ve beaten the main mode and races and other challenges that have gone along with it, I really haven’t played the game much until now.

The Crew Wild Run is the newest additional or downloadable and most significant content released to the game. It adds new vehicles, challenges, updated graphics and even weather effects. There are new types of challenges that take place in what is called the Summit which includes drag, drift, and monster truck challenges as well as other types of races.

I’ve just recently downloaded The Wild Run for The Crew and I’m just now getting immersed into it, so I will have a better review once I get to try the challenges of The Summit. I have had some time to spend with it though and I must say the graphics do look a little bit better on the PS4 and the rain effects in the game are pretty cool as you see rain drops on the camera and splash down onto your car as well as causing puddles and realistic looking rain slicked roads with puddles. It doesn’t happen everywhere or all the time, but it seems at random times and places as you’re driving across the map. I haven’t seen if there’s any snow coming down while driving in the Rocky Mountains yet, but it would sure be a nice surprise.

Definitely check back as I will have more impressions and a proper review The Wild Run. In the meantime here is a short video where I’m driving in the rain heading towards Chicago and crossing the Mississippi River. Let me know what you think or if any of you have downloaded and played the additional content yourself.

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