Just Cause 3 Impressions!

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Update: Here is my first video of gameplay footage of Just Cause 3. Had an issue with uploading it earlier that’s why it didn’t get posted when I published this article. Hope you enjoy it, there will be more and better videos to come. The video is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

The official release of Just Cause 3 is here and you guessed right that I picked this game up. I’ve been talking a lot about this open world game for the last few months as some of the action in this open world game has promised to be quite intense and maybe even over the top, but as long as it’s fun over the top is great. Here is my Just Cause 3 Impressions.

As this game just came out, I am starting to get my feet wet so to speak, but definitely not ready for a full review yet as I certainly want to utilize Rico’s arsenal and abilities in the game before I can give a thorough review of the game. Of course this doesn’t mean I can’t give out some of my first impressions of the game with what little bit of it I did manage to play. Is it fun? Does it live up to the hype?

Well the first thing you’ll notice is the graphics. The draw distance is good and the explosions in the game are really cool to see, but it does look a little cartoonish in some respects. I would definitely say that Just Cause 3 is the best of the best in terms of graphics for this generation, but they are not the worst either. With it being an open world game and lots of action and stuff happening on screen, it is not always easy to have the best graphics in this type of game.

Aside from the graphics though, getting into the action is quite fun I think. I am getting used to the grappling hook and the parachute that your character Rico automatically has. I love using the combination of the two and once I get used to them fully I should be able to have some crazy Hollywood style moments while using them as I face down the enemy.

There is one issue though I am concerned with that I find a major annoyance and I just wonder if it is a bug that Square/Enix is going to fix. It wants you to connect online (though it is only a single player game) so it can automatically send data on how your doing compared to other players or for contests you may have entered and it has to see your stats. Whatever the case, it has problems connecting as it takes incredibly long to connect and sometimes it will say connection lost and then it blames it on you saying your connection to the PSN network may have been interrupted when it really hasn’t. It was quite annoying because I was in the middle of the action and then suddenly connection was lost and took forever to get back up. Fortunately you can play offline and don’t have to worry about that which is what I eventually did.

Well enough of my talk, there will be a more thorough review once I’ve had some time to spend with the open world game and I’m able to explore the huge island where all this crazy gameplay takes place. I will have a video posted soon. You’ll see me take out some members of the island’s dictator’s military, use a helicopter and then take out enemies using a minigun! Then unfortunately, you’ll get to briefly see what I was talking about earlier in regards to my connection being lost. Check back soon for the video update!

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