PlayStation Neo News: It’s Official

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Well folks there is PlayStation Neo news and rumors have been extremely strong the last few months of a new and more powerful PlayStation 4 system in the works. Lots of questions have been raised of such a system especially what will happen to the users of the current model of the PS4.

Yesterday, Sony officially announced there is a new and more powerful PS4 system that will support 4k gaming. It is still codenamed Neo, but not much information has been released about the system.

The new PlayStation 4 system will also not be showcased at E3 next week so we will not get a first glimpse at it. It is still though expected to launch this fall.

You can read more about the official news of the system here. Sony has said it will complement the base PS4 model as it is not to be a replacement. They’ve also said that game developers must support both systems.

I do find that extremely good news because I know I certainly was very worried that Sony would stop support for the current version of the PS4 in favor of the more powerful model. It will be interesting though to say the least on how both of these models will perform.

There has been no official price of the new system mentioned at this time. Even though the new PS4 won’t be shown at E3 I do wonder if Sony will mention specifics about the system at the gaming expo next week.

I’m a little mixed on the official announcement of this new system. I certainly wouldn’t mind playing games in 4K as PC gaming is doing it right now and I’ve seen GTA V in 4K and it is just simply gorgeous. That’s not to say the game is bad at 1080p because it’s not, but it just looks even better when played at 4K resolution.

The thing is though, we don’t know the price of it yet and Sony is going to be releasing their virtual reality headset very soon as well and that will likely cost as much as the system. I don’t have a 4K capable television at this time either.

So if you think about it, the price of the new PlayStation Neo could be $350 or higher, VR headset is likely to cost $400, and a good 4K television would be $400 on up.  That’s over $1,000 right there if I were to buy all of that and I don’t know if it’s worth all that investment at this time.

Sure I do want to get a 4K television at some point as that’s where everything is going now and prices have come down, but still when you factor in all those costs, will people really want to invest that much? I know there are people that are upgrading PCs a lot to keep up with the latest graphical technologies, but will casual console gamers do something in a similar fashion for game systems?

What are your thoughts on the PlayStation Neo? Are you excited about it, or instead raising some eyebrows at Sony? Keep in mind too that Microsoft has announced they’ve got a new more powerful system in the works as well that won’t be released until next year and rumors are that it could be even more powerful than Sony’s newest PS4 system.

This definitely bears watching next week at E3 to see what, if anything else the two console giants say about their upcoming systems. Oh yes and let’s not forget about Nintendo’s secret gaming system that is poised to be officially announced next week as well. It is about to turn into a wild ride in the console gaming world!

2 thoughts on “PlayStation Neo News: It’s Official

  1. While I don’t own a PS4 I’ve heard the the graphics are absolutely incredible.

    I find it a great move on your part to focus on driving and open world type games as they seem to have a very devoted following and it looks like its somthing your passionate about as well.

    I believe you’re right. 4k gaming seems to be extremely expensive for the average player right now. But with time the prices will start to drop just as they always do for these systems.

    Great blog!

    1. Hi there again Alec! Driving and open world games are just my absolute favorite type of games to play because I love to drive and explore at your leisure and not necessarily be confined to a specific area. It also makes for different situations in those games sometimes.

      You are right about 4k gaming right now. It is definitely expensive when you factory in everything, but in time it will come down as you’ve said.

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