PlayStation 4.5 Update

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Well folks, there’s been some updates and major new rumors that appear to support the idea that Sony is moving full steam ahead with an updated PlayStation 4. What is the PlayStation 4.5 update about? Let’s get right to it.

Gamespot has recently posted an article saying that there is more evidence pointing towards the coming of a much more powerful PS4. Their sources are coming from the Wall Street Journal, Kotaku, and Eurogamer and that games will work for both models of the PS4. I will have to say that this is quite interesting if Sony is indeed moving full steam ahead with a more powerful PS4.

If you remember, I posted not too long ago my thoughts when reports first started surfacing that Sony was looking at the possibility of releasing a new and more powerful PS4 capable of 4k gaming resolution. I still think my idea of Sony thanking those for their loyalty for buying the original PS4 system and allowing them to upgrade for free to the newer PS4 system in a 3 month window would be a good idea so as not to alienate them.

This all appears to be happening because of its virtual reality system that is coming in October. Now they say the original PS4 system will be able to support their new VR system as well, but if all these new reports turn out to be true with a beefier PS4, it indicates to that they don’t think the older PS4 models will work well with their VR.

PlayStation VR image from
PlayStation VR image from

In some ways though I don’t necessarily blame them. It seems that virtual reality is starting to pick up steam with the Oculus Rift and Samsung’s own VR sets already out and having decent reviews. Folks this may be the way gaming is eventually headed. Televisions will be around for quite some time to come, but I think this is the beginning of new forms of entertainment starting to take the place of what has been the medium for decades.

Think about it! If you have the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you can purchase the Samsung Gear virtual reality headset (which is not very expensive) and attach the smartphone such as the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or the newer S7 and S7 Edge phones and have a pretty good and immersive virtual reality experience. That includes movies, games, and other apps.

It seems that technology is on the march again and starting to advance rather rapidly. 4K and UHD televisions are getting better with stronger technologies that are making 1080p start to show its age. Who would’ve ever thought that! It’s been said that there really is no way it can get better than 1080p and here we are in the 4k age and starting to go beyond. 4k television sets have come down in price within the last couple of years and we are starting to finally get 4k support in the form of 4k blue ray movies and players.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Are you still on board with Sony possibly releasing a beefier PS4 model that will support its planned virtual reality set? It will be interesting to see what the cost of the system will be especially since their new virtual reality headset that’s releasing in October will be priced at $399 which if you remember is the same price of the PS4 when it was originally released in 2013 (crazy to think the PS4 has been out for nearly 3 years already).

As always, check back here for more updates as I’m sure that when E3 comes around in June I believe, there will probably be some BIG announcements by Sony regarding VR and the heavily rumored PS4.5 system. I also wouldn’t be surprised if rival Microsoft has some big announcements too as they have been rumored as wanting to do something similar to the Xbox One. We are certainly in some interesting times in the gaming world right now and I have to say it does actually make me kind of excited about the possibility of open world games in virtual reality and I’m interested to see when Sony will officially announce a new PS4. Stay tuned folks, we are in for a wild ride in the gaming world!


4 thoughts on “PlayStation 4.5 Update

  1. Hi There

    This VR system sounds awesome. It reminds me of the movie, “The Lawnmower Man, ” Finally SONY, is taking gaming to a new edge.

    I personally need to upgrade on my gaming console. Look I have an XBOX 360, which is perfect but I want something different.

    I would definitely go for the PS4.5, if it does get released. It sounds so exciting. Imagine what games would look and feel like when you are in another world.

    I will keep looking back at your site to check out the new information.


    1. Hi there Roopesh!! Glad you like the article. You know I was greatly against this, the release of a more powerful PS4 from Sony when reports started first coming out about it, but now with the virtual reality aspect I think I may have changed my mind and the possibilities are starting to blow my mind right now. I think I underestimated this,

  2. So does that mean the new virtual reality system is able to work on the original PS4 consoles? Didn’t even notice that their VR hardware is already out so soon, are there any good games to play using the VR system?

    Also, is there a huge difference between the original PS4 and the newer slim version? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Andrew! Yes, the PlayStation VR is upon us and it will work with the original PS4 system. You’ll need some other accessories so that it will run such as the PlayStation camera and the PlayStation Move.

      As for games I know a Tomb Raider game being released for the PS4 will support the VR and there’s a pretty cool Star Trek game coming for it as well.

      As far as there being a huge difference between the PS4 and the newer slim version, there really isn’t as it is just a smaller version of the regular/original PS4 console. Now the PlayStation Pro is coming out very soon and that has more horsepower under the hood so to speak as it will support 4k gaming as well as streaming 4k content though I find it out they did not include a 4k Blu-ray player.

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