Need For Speed 2015 Drift

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Now that the new Need For Speed has been out for a little while and I’ve been spending some time with the game, I’ve been getting used to the different challenges presented in the new title such as drifting and time trials. Check out my review of the game if you haven’t already to see of what more to expect in this years edition. The Need For Speed 2015 drift challenges are really beginning to be fun.

One thing I’ve been getting used to and starting to like a lot is the drifting aspect of the game. I’ve chosen a Subaru vehicle which is pretty good at drifting and has a pretty good amount of speed as well especially once you start upgrading your vehicles. Since I’ve started upgrading, my car now has a top speed of 196mph, over 500 horsepower, and is able to drift more with ease.

Now I really haven’t messed with the tuning aspect of it as you can increase or decrease the weight ratio towards each tire on the car, fine tune the brakes, suspension, and more. A little nervous on doing that at this point as I might ruin the delicate balance of speed and drifting that I’m able to get out of my vehicle at this time. On the other hand now that I’ve saved up some money in the game, I may buy a new vehicle and start upgrading that one and start tuning my Subaru. Ok, you’ve probably heard enough of me talking and want to see how I actually do drifting so check out my video below of myself doing one of the drift challenges of the game.

If you like that there will definitely be more to come as now the challenges are really starting to get more challenging especially since I’ve been increasing my rank and opening all of kinds of new challenges and new characters in the game that are interacted with in the cut scenes. Enjoy!

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