Black Friday Shopping Ads

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Best Buy Co, Inc.

Black Friday is here folks! Time to get in on those special deals on great products for either yourself or as gifts for Christmas. I am going to list some great deals here from Best Buy, Wal Mart and Gamestop that you won’t want to miss especially if your wanting to get great deals on game systems, games, tvs, and game accessories.

First off Best Buy has some deals for its televisions from Toshiba and Insignia as well as a sound bar from Insignia. I’ve got one for my 42″ Vizio and it sounds great. Definitely worth a buy if you’re wanting to save money from a sound bar and don’t want to invest in surround sound home theatre system (maybe one day I will have one). Here are a couple of the deals for the televisions you can get in on (This was listed from the site popsugar):

  • Toshiba 55-inch LED TV for $349.99
  • Insignia 40-inch LED TV for $159.99
  • Insignia 2.1 soundbar for $99.99

Now here are some other great Black Friday deals from Best Buy that listed from the site bgr. There are even more tv deals here from Samsung and console and game deals as well such as a PS4 Star Wars Battlefront Bundle. If you’ve been on the fence on getting a PS4 or have been waiting for a good deal to get one, now is definitely the time to get one as new open world games have been released such as Need For Speed and Fallout 4 and in about a week or two Just Cause 3 will be out.

  • $349.99 PlayStation 4 Star Wars Battlefront Bundle
  • $149.99 Sphero BB-8 Toy
  • $49.99 Star Wars Xbox One Controllers
  • Save $25 on select Xbox One Controllers
  • $129.99 24-inch Samsung LED HDTV (save $70)
  • $129.99 32-inch Westinghouse LED HDTV (save $50)
  • $369.99 40-inch Samsung Smart LED HDTV (save $130)
  • $279.99 40-inch Samsung LED HDTV (save $100)
  • $279.99 48-inch Insignia LED HDTV (save $100)
  • $799.99 50-inch Samsung Smart 4K TV (save $500)
  • $549.99 50-inch Samsung Smart LED HDTV (save $200)
  • $1,199.99 55-inch Sony Smart 4K 3D TV (save $400)
  • $699.99 55-inch LG Smart 4K TV (save $500)
  • $579.99 55-inch Samsung Smart LED HDTV (save $270)
  • $1,399.98 60-inch Samsung Smart 4K TV (save $600)
  • $4,999.98 65-inch LG Smart 4K 3D TV (save $2,000)
  • $1,799.99 65-inch Sony Smart 4K 3D TV (save $800)
  • $999.99 65-inch LG Smart LED 4K TV (save $700)
  • $2.999.98 75-inch Sony Smart 4K 3D TV (save $1,500)

There are even more great deals such as smartphones, smart watches, computers from desktops to laptops, tablets and more. Click on the banner at the top of the page to access to these wonderful deals at the top of the page so that way you won’t miss out on them. USA, LLC


Wal Mart has quite a few Black Friday deals that you won’t want to miss out on as well. Wal Mart has generally had prices a little cheaper than those of other big retailers and now that they are having Black Friday sales as well, it only means more savings for you too. I would definitely check out their tv deals as they have usually always had good prices on them anyway especially on Vizio televisions which is one I highly recommend.

I haven’t mentioned the LG televisions, but they are really good too as I’ve got a 55″ 3D LED television from the that I’ve had for a few years now that is still really good and comparable to the televisions out today minus the 4K ones. Speaking of 4K, Wal Mart will have some really good deals on those as well.

You might be asking yourself is it really time to get into the 4K craze? There’s not a whole lot of content out yet for 4K, but that will be changing soon and the manufactures of televisions to want to phase out 1080p televisions. 4K tvs have really come down in price over the last two years and so they are definitely affordable. Rumors are swirling around now that Sony and Microsoft have already started work on their next generation of systems which one can only assume would be the PS5 and Xbox Two (or whatever Xbox iteration Microsoft wants to call it). This does make since the current generation of systems really don’t support 4K resolution for its videogames (it can output 4k video though).

PC games have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest graphics and most of the newer games support 4K resolution and they look amazing. Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 looks really good at 1080p, but if you have a powerful gaming PC with a monitor capable of 4K, GTA V looks simply amazing on it. Anyway, here are some great Black Friday deals from Wal Mart from you’ll want to check out. Click on the banner above to get access to these great deals.

  • TV specials like 32” Roku Smart HDTV for $125, 40” HDTV for $149 and 55” Samsung Curved Smart 4K UHD TV for $998
  • PS4 “Uncharted” Bundle for $299 ($50 savings)
  • Fitbit Flex Wristband for $59 ($40 off) and Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate + Activity Wristband for $119 ($30 savings)
  • Video games starting at $8
  • DVDs and Blu-ray movies starting at $1.96
  • $100 off a 16GB iPad Air 2
  • Beats Studio Headphones for $169 ($140 off)
  • LG 55” Smart 4K UHD TV for $698 (savings of $300)
  • Xbox One 500GB “Gears of War” Bundle for $299 ($50 off) with a free $30 Walmart Gift Card
  • 15” HP Touch laptop for $249

GameStop, Inc.

We are finally here to GameStop and its Black Friday deals. If you only just want to deal with games and consoles and don’t want need anything else such as TVs, laptops, etc, then this is the place to go for all your gaming needs. GameStop is definitely not missing out on the great Black Friday shopping that has become a staple holiday traditions.

There are plenty of great bundle deals for consoles that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Loved the Uncharted series on the PS3? You can now get the Uncharted Collection PS4 Bundle for $299! There are also a host of other great deals especially on video games such as Saints Row IV, Far Cry 4, and Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition which are all great open world games. Check out this list from PlayStationLifeStyle:

Assassin’s Creed Unity “free” with purchase of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.
Battlefield 4 $14.99 (PS4) (XB1)
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (PSV) $29.99
Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma $19.99 (XB1) (PS3)
Disgaea 5 $49.99 (PS4)
Divinity $39.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Dragon Quest Heroes $39.99 (PS4)
Evolve $9.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Far Cry 4 Complete $29.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Farming Simulator $29.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD $19.99 (PS4)
Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward $19.99 (PC)
Guitar Hero Live w/guitar for $70 (PS4) (XB1) (Nov. 27-28 only).
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva DX $29.99 (3DS)
Helldivers $14.99 (PS4)
Metro Redux $14.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Mortal Kombat X LE $49.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Motorcycle Club $9.99 (PS4)
Payday 2 $29.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Rocksmith $34.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Saints Row IV $14.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Shadows of Mordor GOTY $29.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition $14.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition $14.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Toy Soldiers $14.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Wasteland 2 $29.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Watch Dogs $14.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Wolfenstein The Old Blood $9.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Wolfenstein The New Order $14.99 (PS4) (XB1)
Zombie Army Trilogy $29.99 (PS4)(XB1)

Xbox One 500GB Console Gears of War Ultimate Bundle $299.99
Playstation 4 500GB Console Uncharted Collection Bundle $299.99
$50 off all new Xbox One console bundles

Aqua Blue PS Vita $169.99

White Xbox One Controller (Limited Edition, exclusive to GameStop) $44.99

As you can see, there are so many deals to get great games, consoles and whatever else you may be looking for this holiday season. This is a great time to do Black Friday shopping online so that way you don’t have to get out and about and fight with the crowds unless you prefer that sort of thing. If you are in the central part of the US like I am, you’re probably dealing with a nasty winter storm and trust me where I am you do NOT want to get out in it as we’ve had nothing but freezing rain here and numerous car accidents as well as some power outages (I’m lucky so far!). I’m doing quite a bit of shopping online today and encourage you to do so.

I do want to remind you that Black Friday is just the start as there is Cyber Monday and deals all the way through Christmas. Let’s not forget at the beginning of the new year as well as stores will want to get rid of their older inventory in preparation for the new stuff that will come out in 2016. Many chances for great savings are ahead so stay tuned!

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