My Continued Adventures with the Doomsday Heist in GTA 5

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It is time for more of my adventures with the Doomsday Heist in GTA 5 and I have a lot to talk about! Last time I had talked about how myself and 3 other players had to take the Deluxos I had stolen from a previous prep mission and use them to hack into vehicles that held important data.

At the beginning of the mission, there were armored trucks we had to get by and use an app to get the valuable data, but once that was completed we had to move onto getting near boats to get more of the data and finally a large airplane! The mission certainly had its difficulties as some players kept getting their Deluxo destroyed and it also happened to me once.

We did finally complete the mission of getting through the final stage of it which required us to fly close enough to a large Russian airplane and one of hack into it while the rest of us had to shoot down attack helicopters. Too bad I can’t get paid money for doing this mission unlike the other players that helped me complete it.

Well I have now moved on to the next setup mission as well as to the final and main mission in Act I of the Doomsday Heist and I will cover all of that here. I will have to say that they were both very challenging and I had to have numerous restarts in order to finally complete them, far more than I had with the Deluxo mission. Without further ado, here’s my continued adventures with the Doomsday Heist.

Server Farm

In this mission, I have to infiltrate a government facility and infiltrate the server farm that’s in there. I have to do this undetected. Thankfully I do have a group of players with me in order to try to complete this mission successfully, but if you watch the long video at the end of this article, you’ll see just how difficult it actually turns out to be.

The first order of business is to fly to this facility and land on its rooftop. You’ll also see that we’ve got on special tactical gear as well as wearing special night vision gear. The Akula that was taken in an earlier prep mission actually comes into play here as I have to use it to fly towards our destination and because it also has stealth capabilities.

Once we’ve landed, we have to go down a ladder to get to ground level and get an access panel that we have to hack into in order to open one of the doors. I for some reason have forgotten which button to push to grab onto a ladder and climb down it and instead end up falling to the ground and killing myself. Now how embarrassing is that? We hadn’t even gotten to the hard parts yet!

Thankfully, we had one life to spare on this mission, but if I or anyone else gets killed, we’ll have to restart the mission. After I re spawn, I meet up with two of the other players and we start making our way slowly and carefully to the rear entrance. There are guards along the way and fortunately the weapons we are using have silencers on them.

Soon we are warned by Lester that two guards are approaching. As we come upon on a gate that opens up to the next area, we shoot and kill the two guards. We finally get to the rear entrance and we’re informed that the head of security is coming out and that we need to get ready.

Head of Security walking out

The view suddenly switches to a live feed cam and we see the head of security walking out with another guard. One of the other players ends up shooting and killing both of them and we are now able to grab the access codes and get inside the building. We now have to actually go back around the building to get to main entrance in order to use the access codes we got from the head of security in order to get inside.

After all of us get to the door that will get us inside, there is a brief cut scene showing us walking inside the building and then taking an elevator down to the main floor or the floor were the servers are. Once the elevator doors open, we walk out into a computer lab and quickly take out a couple of people working on some of those computers.

We then make our way down the stairs from the computer lab and onto the floor with the servers and start taking other people out. The rooms are VERY large and there are places with letters on them, very similar to the mission where we had to get the Deluxos to certain vehicles across the map and get close enough to them to begin the hack.

Here we have to get to certain server containers and then start hacking into them, but this is where things start to differ. When I click the button in order to begin hacking, a screen pops up and Lester informs me that this is a network mode manager. What needs to be done here is to connect the nodes from the array I’m using, to theirs kind of like you’re connecting the dots. The thing is though, they have to be connected to the right ones in order for the hack to work and it is not quite as easy as it looks.

The first one is actually easy to do as it is blinking green and then the one it needs to be connected to is also blinking green so it simple to connect. The other 3 though will not be that easy and an alarm starts going off as Lester informs all of us that guards know we are in there and that they are coming.

I start to randomly connect the other three to where I think they go and as soon as I test the connection, it fails and so I have to do it again. I end up doing about 3 more attempts and just as it looks like I’m finally going to get the right connections, a message pops up saying that the mission has failed because one of the players was killed.

Dang it! Time to start over again, but fortunately we don’t have to do the entire mission over again. I press the button to restart, but it seems the other players do not want to do it over again and so I’m booted out of that particular Doomsday Heist mission.

Inside the Server Farm in the Doomsday Heist in GTA 5.

Lester sent me an invitation through my in-game phone to start that particular mission again. I accepted and chose the Server Farm setup mission again and waited for other players to join up. This time there were only three of us instead of 4, but that’s ok. I won’t bore with you the details of flying back to the government building and going through the process of getting inside it since you already know what it entails from my previous group of players I talked about above.

Once we’re all inside, I head back to the area I was at previously and begin hacking the nodes in the network manager again. It takes me about a minute or so, but this time I am successful at connecting the right ones to each other and I’m able to get the information that’s needed.

The other two players successfully get their data as well, but now it becomes an all out gun fight as there are a lot of heavily armed guards we have to take out in order for us to get out of the building and complete the mission. It takes us a bit, but we finally kill all or most of the guards and head outside where we have to fight even more of them. Eventually we take of them two and head back to the roof where our stealthy helicopter is waiting.

After we all get into the helicopter, we take off and head towards our drop off point. It doesn’t take very long to get there and thankfully we don’t have to deal with any resistance on the way there. Once we land in the designated the spot, the mission ends and it is a success. This was definitely a tough one and I had to completely do the mission over from the beginning with a different group of online players before I was able to complete the mission. It’s now time to move on to the next part of Act I of the Doomsday Heist which is actually the conclusion of Act I.

The Grand Finale of Act I

If you thought my description of the experience I had with the Server Farm setup mission was difficult, this grand finale of Act I will put that to shame. This one probably has had the most restarts of anything that came before it. It happened so much that I just skipped a majority of the restarts in the video I created of my experience and captured the last 16 minutes of the mission so that way you won’t have to see all the mission failures and instead see what it took to complete the mission.

Since this is the grand finale of Act I, I’ll actually be able to get some money from this, but since I’m the one initiating all of this, I’ll get the bigger share of the money which is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I certainly want more cash so I can buy more of the cool things that available in the online mode.

What this final mission requires is that my team and I go to an IAA base that has been infiltrated by enemy agents or foreign agents basically. It is not too far from Sandy Shores in an area with lots of large satellites. One of those satellites is actually an IAA base and there are enemies around it when we first arrive.

These foreign agents are very heavily armed and have armor as well so it does take a little extra effort to take them out, but we are able to do so. Once all agents outside the base are taken care of, we all meet at the entrance of the base and head inside. This is where things REALLY start to get challenging.

Mission Failures Add Up

Once we are inside the IAA base, you’ll quickly see that it looks very familiar. The reason it looks familiar is that it looks like an exact replica of my facility that’s needed to start the Doomsday Heist. As soon as we move further in, an alarm starts blaring and enemy agents come out and start firing at us.

There are a lot of them coming out of the wood works and so there is a massive firefight going on between my team and the foreign agents. Things certainly get intense and this is also where things start to slowly go south. An automated computer voice keeps blaring that the base is under attack and to stay where you are.

My team continues to move further into the base, but we continue to take on heavy fire. I’ve taken a lot of hits and my armor is completely gone. My health even dips into the red at times forcing me to take a lot of cover to try to keep from getting killed.

We finally come to an area we have to turn a corner, but a door opens up in front of us and more enemy agents come out and one of my team members gets killed causing the mission to fail. Unlike the Server Farm setup mission, we opt to restart this mission and try again inside the IAA base.

Once again, we’re in a heavy gun battle, but we don’t make it as far as we did before because another player gets killed. This mission is turning out to be really difficult for us.

Things are about to get crazy!

This time, we manage to get a lot further and even past the corner that gave us trouble the first time. Lester informs us that we have to go through double doors to our left which heads downstairs. We have to get down to a server room and more foreign agents keep coming at us. We also learn that these foreign agents are killing innocent IAA agents and we need to stop them before they kill anymore.

As we come to the bottom of those stores, we go through another set of double doors and three agents appear. I manage to kill one of them while one of my other teammates helps to take down the other two. We then go through another set of double doors in which we have to descend some more stores which finally takes us to the actual server room.

There are a lot of agents in there and so I actually decide to throw a sticky bomb in there and detonate it, but I unfortunately underestimated how many agents are actually in there and as soon as I get ready to throw it, I’m shot and killed. I’m really starting to get mad at this point as I really want to complete this mission and get some money.

All of us restart the mission but we are very fortunate that we don’t have to start back at the beginning of the base again and have to fight our way to the server room. We instead re spawn right by the doors that lead to the stairs we need to take to get to the server room.

I’m fully ready this time for those deadly agents and when the door opens to the server room, I unload a lot of bullets at them. After clearing out that room, we now have to go to the war room and once we arrive, this is where some great fun begins as we get to use a cool toy of sorts.

IAA Secret Weapon

Once my team arrives in the war room (I have to wait just a little bit for one other team member to get in there, not sure what he was doing), Lester informs us that we can take control of a gun turret camera in the room which allows us to fire some VERY heavy-duty missiles outside especially since more foreign agents are on their way.

After I take control of one of them, I’m treated to an outside camera view of one section of the other satellites. My other teammates get their own sections to defend.

Once the enemies start to arrive, I begin quickly firing the missiles that end up easily killing the agents and blowing up their vehicles. There are a lot of them that show up and helicopters too, but my team is able to make quick work of them. I finally end up taking out the last few of them that are in armored vehicles and the IAA base is finally secure.

Act I of the Doomsday Heist is now completed and I’m soon ready to move on to Act II. If Act I was that difficult for me, I know Act II and III are really going to get crazy so I’m going to need to prepare myself for what’s coming because the missions are only going to get harder from here.

The Government Finally Gets Involved.

Before Act I completely ends, there’s a cut scene where my team is in the War Room and Agent 14 (the one who directs gunrunning missions for me) is in there and also a new character who is a lady that also appears to work for the IAA.

Avon then walks into the room and the lady is none too happy to see him, but he lets them know that if it wasn’t for him and my team that he hired, they would’ve never gotten this base back and have to deal with lots of dead IAA agents.

What a beautiful car

Now that the IAA realizes that there is a major threat to national security, they’ve decided to work with us to help recognize this threat further and do whatever is necessary to stop this threat. Gosh this sounds like stuff happening today in the real world doesn’t it?

With the data that has been recovered, all evidence points to a particular person who appears to be Russian. The lady wants to get more people assigned to this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, Lester informs me that we will now be working with the government, but of course they do have to add that they will have to deny any involvement with us.

Well this concludes Act I of the Doomsday Heist in GTA 5. I hope you enjoyed my long description of the last two missions I went through. They did have their challenges, but I overall did enjoy them and I can’t wait to begin Act II. I will definitely be posting my experiences with the prep and setup missions so make sure to check back soon. In the meantime, here’s a couple of videos below of my experiences, one of the Server Farm mission and then second of finale of Act I.


4 thoughts on “My Continued Adventures with the Doomsday Heist in GTA 5

  1. Hey Brian, really nice article ones again. I love your site and I saved It to my browser. at the moment I’ playing GTA only with my brother and it’s fuuucking amazing I have never played any online game like this and I have played a lot of them. I haven’t been able to do the doomsday heist yet because I need a VIP bunker right? but that is the next thing I’m going to buy. Another thing that I would love to read on your side is how to make money fast 😀 since it always changes.

    1. Hi Aaron! Yeah, I just can’t get enough of GTA 5 online, it’s just so much fun to play. Yes, you do have to have a special facility or VIP bunker to engage in the Doomsday Heist. I’m trying to work on something regarding the best ways to make money online, but a quick way, if you don’t mind spending REAL money, is buying shark cards, but that seems to be really lucrative way for Rockstar to make money. Otherwise I just make money from my gunrunning business in the game as well as doing the survival challenges since I’m really good at them. 

  2. Wow, this definitely sounds like a very frustrating experience, especially hearing as how you cut out a ton of the footage!

    This heist does look like a lot of fun though! I like the idea of having the hacking segments to progress. That kind of reminded me of Watch Dogs in a way.

    My question is, how much did you earn for completing this heist? And do you think it was worth the intense difficulty level?

    1. Hi Arie! Completing all of Act I was worth it for me considering I got over $300,000 for it. It was tough, but overall I’ve really enjoyed the experience. I know Act 2 is going to be even tougher, but I look forward to it. Definitely check back as I’ll start posting my latest experience with Act 2 of the Doomsday Heist pretty soon!

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