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There is some big Mafia 3 expansion news. There’s going to be a total of at least 3 story expansions to the game and now we also know when they’ll specifically launch.

The first of the 3 expansions is titled “Faster, Baby”! I’m sure by the name of the expansion you might have a good idea of what its main focus will be. If you guessed that there will be major car chases, plenty of vehicles with speed and possibly Hollywood style stunts, you would be correct.

The story apparently will also deal with a nasty sheriff who has his sights on the Civil Rights movement of that time period. It has also been revealed that most of this expansion will take place in an entirely new area of the map that is not in the main part of the game right now.

The good news is that this piece of new story content is slated to arrive at the very end of March. I definitely can’t wait to explore this new area and see just how tough this sheriff will be.

The next part of downloadable content to come after that is called “Stones Unturned”. You’ll be using the game’s main character here along with a known CIA person in Mafia 3. Not a whole lot is known about this expansion, but it will have something to do with Lincoln’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The game developers are aiming for a May release.

Next but not least we have the third story expansion that will be called “Sign of the Times”.  Apparently a cult is doing nasty things that will cause Lincoln to go about in the bayou and deep inside New Bordeaux as drugs are supposed to be a big part of this expansion. This content is looking for a July release.

Those are some ambitious expansions the developers have slated for Mafia 3 this year. If you happen to have the season pass, these expansions will not cost you anything. Fortunately, it is one of the few games I have a season pass for so I’m eagerly awaiting the release of all three of them.

You can also bet that these expansions will probably be pretty large in size especially considering the first one will have an entire new area of the map. As I mentioned in another article, I had to install a bigger hard drive on my PS4 which is 2 terabytes in size. I now have plenty of room for new games and whatever content they release in the future.

If you haven’t already, check out my full review of Mafia 3. I still play it from time to time because believe it or not I just love to drive around New Bordeaux.

Well there you have it folks, the latest Mafia 3 expansion news. Those 3 story add-ons do sound very interesting, but really fun and should give this game some more longevity. What are your thoughts on the expansions coming this year? Are you excited for a brand new area of the map to be added on? As always, feel free to post your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Mafia 3 Expansion

  1. First off, great info. And I absolutely love GTA 5 and still play it time to time. I actually haven’t played mafia 3 yet and have been back and forth on purchasing it. How many hours of gameplay does it have? I would love to see as many as GTA 5 story mode. Also, what racing games would you recommend that are new?

    1. Hi there Danatus. Mafia has anywhere from 16 to 30 hours of gameplay. It has no multiplayer component to it, but the story of the game is just amazing. As far as racing games, The Crew and Need For Speed series are my top ones for the PS4.

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