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Time for some new GTA news!! There is a big update coming to the online world of GTA 5 according to Rockstar that looks to really expand upon the “Executives and Other Criminals” past update according to Cnet.

The name of the this latest GTA update will be called Further Adventures in Finance and Felony”. Here is what Cnet says the update will be about:

“Further Adventures in Finance and Felony continues a player’s mission to become the ultimate criminal kingpin of Los Santos and Blaine County in one of GTA Online’s biggest and deepest updates yet,” reads a line from the description.

Players will be able to expand their criminal networks and become the CEO of what’s being called a “Criminal Enterprise.” As part of this, players can purchase a high-rise office and warehouses that can be used to sell and store “a range of contraband.”

This sounds really fun and I am interested to see what it takes for you to become CEO of a criminal enterprise. I’m also curious to see what kind of money will be involved in this new update (in game money of course).

Will this update help you to gather millions of dollars faster? Now I’ll admit, I really haven’t done much with the Executives and Other Criminals update although recently I did become a bodyguard for a VIP and had to help defend the VIP on a luxurious and large boat.

It is nice to get paid for defending the VIP, but it is certainly not an easy task. If the VIP gets killed, the amount you get paid gets decreases and if he keeps getting killed, you’ll eventually be kicked out of that particular VIP organization.

Shooting at the Defenders.
Shooting at the Defenders.

The article from Cnet also talks about other things coming that will make GTA online racing a lot more fun. There will be new vehicles coming that will be ready for stunts and stunts are going to really start becoming a much bigger part of the online world in GTA 5.

I honestly think that because Rockstar keeps releasing such wonderful content for the online play of GTA V, that it makes it one of the best open world games to play out there right now.

I still play the game quite often, but it is only the multiplayer part of that I play. One of the things that I recently started doing in the game is that in any apartment or house that you own, you can turn on the television in there and switch to a channel where you can watch other players that are currently in your session.

I must say that it makes it interesting to watch them as you can watch the cars they drive that they might own, different tactics they use against other players, how often they might get killed, and even glitches they can exploit to their advantage. Thanks to watching one of the players, I found a glitch that I might take advantage of in the future.

Well there you have it folks! The latest GTA update and it sounds like a very exciting one at that. As always, check back for more GTA updates as I will certainly post them as the become available. The release date for this new update is slated for June 7th.

What are your favorite game modes to play online in GTA 5? Are you looking forward to this update? As always, feel free to post comments!

4 thoughts on “Latest GTA Update

  1. WOW this is some excellent news.

    I love the GTA 5 game and platform and I must admit I only bought the game to start with as I am a huge fan of the band Tangerine Dream, and they scored the music for the game.

    Saying that I love the game play and the characters, and to see updates coming is great news.

    Unfortunately I work too much and I have never actually completed the game to its maximum, but to know updates are on the way is for sure exciting.

    I will keep check and come back to your site again for more information!

    Thanks for the information 🙂


    1. hello Chris!! Yes, it is amazing that the game developer continously adds updates to make the game fresh and fun to play. The best thing about these updates is that they are free!!! A lot of game developers charge for these updates, but not Rockstar!

  2. Yes this is also a breath of fresh air to know.

    There are a lot of developers out there ready to cash in on updates, I have found the PC simulators are like this, for flights, cars and boats etc.

    Extra scenery and other additions start mounting up on the bank balance.

    Seem Rockstar is quite loyal to GTA fans 🙂



    1. Hi there Chris! Yes, Rockstar is definitely showing off how loyal they are to the fans! It’s amazing the sheer amount of updates they keep adding to the game as well as some other things such as discounts on an in game items you can purchase as well as doubling the money and RP you can earn on certain missions or activities. This is a big reason I have not stopped playing GTA 5.

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