GTA 5’s Gunrunner Update: My Latest Experience

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It has been awhile since I’ve talked about my experiences with GTA 5’s latest update. I decided though recently that it was time to get back into it and I’m glad I have because I’ve finally unlocked something new.

GTA 5’s Gunrunner update has been one of their biggest updates/downloadable content to date. The fact that you can manufacture heavy duty weapons and use a mobile command center so you can become profitable just enhances the game even more.

Now I haven’t done a whole lot with the newest update, but I’ve been slowly but surely getting more into it. I’ve been doing more missions where I need to get more supplies into my bunker. I’ve opted not to buy supplies, but rather steal them.

I’m in short supply of money currently so buying supplies isn’t really an option for me. It is time for me to build up some money so without further ado, here is my latest experience in gunrunning.

The Drive

My game session begins at my bunker where I immediately decide to sell the stock of weapons that I currently have. Unfortunately since it has been awhile since I’ve last played the game, I have to register as a CEO in order to sell my cache of weapons.

Since my bunker is way out in the country side, I have to drive clear back to Los Santos and to the office building I purchased awhile back so that I can become a CEO.

I don’t have any of my personal vehicles at the bunker so I have to run outside to a dirt road and keep running until I find a vehicle that I can steal. Fortunately I don’t have to go too far and long to find one and end up stealing a truck. The person I threw out of the truck was none to happy with me, but I drove off before he could do anything.

As I’m driving in the countryside and among the mountains in the game, I actually end up coming across another player and I honk at him. He’s on a motorcycle and decides to follow me. I end up hitting a few cars as I make my way to Los Santos and this other player catches up to me and honks his horn on his bike.

I’m glad he doesn’t pull out a weapon and shoot me with it, he just continues to follow me except just a bit too closely. He’s literally right on my bumper and I swerve to try to avoid him, but it doesn’t work and he runs right into my bumper and falls off his bike. He doesn’t die though, but I decide to continue on my way just in case he holds a grudge on me.

I finally make my way into the city and to the Maze Bank office building where I end up registering as a CEO. I’m now ready to head back to the bunker, but I decide to head on over to my apartment building first and head into the garage and get my heavily armored muscle car for the drive back.

Time to Make Some Money

The drive back to my bunker is pretty much uneventful with the few other players in the game pretty are much keeping to themselves. Once I arrive, I quickly head to my computer in the game and log in.

I check out some of my stats first just to make sure I still have all the latest upgrades and thankfully I do. I then select Sell Stock and have to choose whether I want to sell to Blaine County or Los Santos. If I do decide to sell in the city, I would get more in return, however selling in Blaine County is the safer bet as not as many players are out there to deal with.


I ultimately choose to sell in Blaine County which as you’ll see in the video I’ll get rewarded with $77,000. One of these days I’ll get the courage to try selling my weapons in Los Santos.

Once I’ve made my selection, I head outside and initially head to my vehicle. I’m then suddenly contacted by Agent 14 telling me what’s in store in my weapons deal and that it would be a good idea to take the insurgent vehicle that’s provided and have someone manning the gun as I will have to deal with the goons from Merryweather.

I of course am doing this by myself so there is no one else to man the gun on the Insurgent. I’m still heavily armed myself so I take the Insurgent anyway and head to my first destination.

My first drop off happens to be in one of the towns along the coast so I head to the drop off point and when I arrive there and make the drop off, Merryweather agents quickly come out of the wood works to my area. Time to defend myself!

I have to take them all out anyway before I’m able to move onto the next drop off point. There are 5 drop off points in total and I only have 30 minutes to complete them all and get my money.

I get my big heavy assault rifle out and start picking them off while I’m also taking fire. I manage to take them all out and then I’m able to get into the Insurgent and start heading to the next location. I’m now visible to other players though so they could come after me if they so chose, but thankfully there are none anywhere near my location.

I make it to my next drop off location along the coastline and once again I have to face off with Merryweather. Another big firefight ensues, but I come out victorious on that one as I blow up some of their vehicles.

I’m now heading to my third location which is at a farm. This is where things start to get a little bit more intense. I start taking heavy fire, a bit more than usual and my health is rapidly decreasing. I turn around and look up and see that this time they’ve got an attack helicopter. I try to switch to my homing rockets, but the attack copter ends up killing me.

When I respawn, I’m immediately getting shot by the attack copter again! I don’t have much time to react or choose a weapon to bring it down. Once I’m able to finally choose a weapon, it’s too late and the chopper kills me again. I’m getting really furious by this point and I’m very determined to bring it down.

I respawn in one of the fields near the farm and once again the attack copter is firing its guns at me, but this time I quickly switch to my homing missiles, quickly lock on and fire! A very short time later, there’s an explosion and the firery hulk of that chopper crashes to the ground.

Once the chopper is down, I start taking out the ground forces of Merryweather and get back to the Insurgent. I’m now heading to my fourth location and I have a little over 19 minutes left to complete the mission so I can earn that money.

I make my way to the 4th drop off point which is actually in Sandy Shores in its trailer park. Once I get out of the Insurgent, I quickly bring out my heavy assault weapon and prepare for an attack by Merryweather. I take out a few of their goons on the ground, but once again I’m attacked by an attack copter.

I actually take out one of the gunmen from the helicopter, but I unfortunately cannot survive their continuous gunfire and I’m killed. As soon as I respawn, I quickly get out my rocket launcher, lock on to the attack chopper and blow it out of the sky.

Not long after that though, I’m taking heavy fire from the Merryweather agents on the ground and once again I am killed.


I respawn a little ways from the drop off point so I have to run back to that area, but I do so a little more cautiously as I prepare to take on Merryweather once again. As I start firing my weapon and taking out those agents from a distance, a Sandy Shores resident stops his car besides me and decides to take me on with his pistol. Needless to say I quickly turn towards him and take him out with my heavy weapon. I’m sorry, but if you see someone taking out Merryweather agents with a heavy automatic assault rifle, I don’t think it would be wise to take on that gunman with a pistol.

I manage to take out the remaining Merryweather agents from their assault vehicles and head towards the drop off point so I can get back in the Insurgent and head towards my final destination.

Fortunately, I still have a decent amount of time left with a little over 16 minutes to spare. My final destination is a at a remote area along the lake’s shoreline. Once I arrive, I prepare for my final assault from Merryweather.

I start taking heavy fire from an attack helicopter, but I managed to switch to my homing rockets and get a shot off just as I’m killed, but I get to see it explode just as I die so at least when I respawn, I no longer have to deal with it.

Sadly though, as soon as I respawn, I’m attacked by another chopper that flies in. I quickly take cover behind a wooden fence and switch to the rockets once again and I’m able to take out that particular chopper. I take out the remaining forces and then it is time for me to head back to the bunker.

The Insurgent is now gone so I have to steal a vehicle. As I drive back to my bunker, I’m handsomely rewarded with a little over $80,000 which is awesome because it was a little bit more than I was expecting. It appears some of it was a bonus because I did a weapons delivery while there were rival players in my session whom could’ve easily made things even more difficult for me.

Let’s Resupply

Once I’m back at the bunker, I decide that it is time to get some new supplies for my weapons manufacturing crew especially after seeing my supplies level has dropped about a quarter and I also need to get new weapons manufactured so I that I can at least sell more weapons for around the same amount that I just made or more.

I quickly decide to steal supplies rather than buy them as I’m trying to get back into the millions of dollars level that I once was at before the Gunrunning update.

The supplies mission has me driving out to a certain location where I have to take out helicopters before they leave the state and also will have valuable supplies that they’ll drop once I take them out.

I have 30 minutes to complete this mission and I have to make my way to the El Gordo Lighthouse. I make it there relatively quickly and fortunately the drive is pretty much uneventful. The vehicle I’m driving is an Aqua (truck) with a mounted gun in the bed of the truck. Once again though, I’m doing this mission by myself, and will have no one else to take control of that weapon on the back.

Once I make my way to the area, there are about 4 or 5 helicopters that are flying overhead and I need to take out some of them and retrieve the supplies that will be parachuted out.

Now the last time I did a mission like this, some of the supplies were dropped into the lake and I had to swim out and retrieve them. Unfortunately, I was a sitting duck when this happened as I was taken out multiple times by attack helicopters.

This time though I am on land and I manage to take out two supply helicopters with one of them dropping supplies really close to where I am. As soon as I pick them up, there are enemy blips on my radar and attack copters are on their way to my location.


I’m more prepared for them this time as I get in the back of the Aqua and get ahold of its big gun. I start taking heavy fire, but I swivel the big gun around to the 2 choppers and begin opening fire. I quickly blow one out of the sky and then focus my fire on the second one, also destroying it.

After that’s done, I leave the gun, get inside the Aqua and head back to the bunker. It doesn’t take long before more attack choppers arrive and follow me on my route to the bunker. Fortunately it seems the Aqua is pretty strong at taking enemy fire and I’m able to make it back there without being killed.

The resupply mission is a success and fortunately was little bit easier this time around compared to the last time I did this particular type of supply mission. Once I’m inside the Bunker, I get a nice surprise.

Agent 14 calls me and tells me that there is a new contract available for special missions that I can access in the Mobile Operations Center. Apparently after doing enough of the resupply missions, you start unlocking these missions.

I immediately went into my Mobile Ops Center and went to the main computer console in there and looked at what missions were available. Apparently these missions have special modified vehicles you can use, but these missions have to be played with other players.

I did try one, but no one joined so I backed out of it, but I will definitely give it another try soon so stay tuned as there is definitely more to come of this.

Do You have Your Copy of GTA 5 Yet?

If you liked reading my description of my latest experience in GTA 5 and don’t have a copy of the game yet, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get it especially with all updates that Rockstar releases weekly for its online multiplayer part of the game.

Amazon has the game for $49.30 currently so if you’re itching to play this game and don’t have your own copy yet, now is definitely the time to get it. What I talked about above is just but a taste of the things you can do in the Gunrunning Update.

Below is the video that you can see for yourself that has everything I described above. I really enjoyed playing GTA 5’s Gunrunning Update this time around and it really paid off with the weapons sell as well as unlocking special missions after doing that resupply mission.

You’ll definitely want to check back as there is more to come especially when I try out these new missions from the Mobile Ops Center.

4 thoughts on “GTA 5’s Gunrunner Update: My Latest Experience

  1. Gunrunner must be a pretty good franchise. especially if it keeps in line with the real world issues. The writers and the developers of PS4 really where the best for a long time when it came to story and alternate realities. That was something I always considered as a profession. Write for a worlds and thoughts and to see them brought to life. You found a great way to make a magazine of your own video games experience that is something most would consider time consuming but you have a constructive way to turn the world of games into an interactive journal. I should tell my brother about your website. He loves video games.

    1. Gunrunner is an update to an existing game, not a game itself. Glad you liked how I described things though.

  2. I have not really got a chance to play GTA Online as of late but this gunrunning update looks awesome! I like the idea of having the weapons on the vehicles which makes them much more powerful. I did not know that delivering weapon shipments could pay you up to $80,000. My question is, Is there a specific vehicle and weapon combo from the gunrunning update that is your favorite out of them all?

    1. I haven’t gotten deep enough into the Gunrunning update to try out the different weapon and vehicle comobos, but rest assured I am working towards that and I really want to get the ones with the air defense missiles.

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