Doomsday Heist Act 2: The Finale

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It is finally here, the very last mission of the Doomsday Heist Act 2. It has been a wild ride to say the least and now it is time to do this one last mission to hopefully take down that Russian sub. There is one more act of the Doomsday Heist after this and I’m pretty curious as to how it will all end.

One thing I will have to say though is that it has been a bit challenging getting other players to go along with some of these missions. Some will join and then suddenly leave for no reason. I even had one player demand a much bigger cut in order for him to play and I refused.

While there have also been a number of mission failures, a lot of the players that were able to do the missions with me, hung in there and repeated the missions until we finally passed them. I definitely thank those players for that. Well without further ado, here is my experience with the Finale of Act 2.

Using The Avenger

This particular mission requires that two teams do two specific tasks. The one I’m one is tasked with infiltrating the Russian sub while the other team has to take an Avenger into the air and protect us from above while we’re in the submarine as well as land us at the drop off point once we’re done doing what we need to in the submarine.

The Avenger is very heavily armed and I honestly have no doubts about the team surviving and taking out enemy planes and helicopters while I’m able to do my job with the teammate.

Flying in the Avenger

There’s not honestly much else to say here other than the fact that this mission is a bit easier than I had thought. There is a big twist though that I kind of suspected might happened, but wasn’t really sure. I’ll get to that here in a bit. For now though, it’s time to move on to my task which is getting on the Russian sub and rescuing a contact.

Infiltrating The Russian Submarine

This task requires the use of a Stromberg one last time. What I have to do along with my teammate is take the Stromberg underwater, land on the sub and enter it through the hatch. It’s pretty straight forward and it doesn’t take long to reach the sub where a short cinematic takes place showing the Stromberg landing on the top of the sub and then both myself and the other player entering the same sub.

Once we’re in, we immediately have getting our guns out as enemies are waiting for us. Needless to say, gun battles ensue, but we are successful in taking them out.

As we head deeper into the sub, the resistance does actually get a bit stronger, but it’s nothing that we can’t handle especially since we end getting into most areas of that sub. What’s really nice is that none of us in this mission actually ended up getting killed which is kind of crazy considering some of the challenges and mission failures I had to endure with the setup missions.

We finally get to the jail cell and I have to interrogate the contact into giving up the network access. All I have to do is point my gun at him and he says getting access to the control room and put in a USB drive/stick (which is computer AI Clifford) in order getting access. My teammate is already on the bridge and took pictures per Lester’s instructions and then Lester says to go ahead and put Clifford in so that the network will be assessed. Once the other player inserts Clifford into the system, cut scene begins which automatically transports me to the bridge to join my teammate. What happens next gets very interesting.

The Tables have Turned

As soon as my teammate puts in the USB drive that contains Clifford, a Russian comes running onto the bridge yelling “Wait a minute, wait a minute”! My guy and the other player immediately pull out our guns and point them at him, ready to pull the trigger at any moment.

The Russian pleads not to shoot as he is actually here to help. Lester immediately comes through the intercom and says for us to kill him. He says to listen and then mentions that while he would like to destroy America for Russia and destroy the cradle of civilization, those will have to remain dreams.

Avos is actually the culprit
Russian with his hands up

He says the real threat is actually Avon and his computer AI which is of course is Clifford. Lester still doesn’t believe him, but suddenly another voice comes on the intercom system and it is actually Avon who truly does confirm what the Russian is saying. Clifford then starts to speak and says that he basically obeys his dad’s orders. Clifford now has control of the sub and says that the self-destruct system has been activated and that there is only 30 seconds until it blows up! What a turn of events!

Escaping the Submarine

Lester comes back onto the intercom and says that we’ve got getting out of there quickly! The Russian mentions that there’s scuba gear by the hatch and that he’s got a secret escape pod he’ll get himself to. My partner and I quickly get the scuba gear on and we are heading out of the hatch.

As soon as we’re in the water, I get control again of my player and begin swimming as fast as I can getting away from the sub before it explodes. Lester says to meet up with the others who are in the Avenger which is on the beach. We have a ways to swim, but it doesn’t take too terribly long getting there.

Once both of us arrive on the beach, we quickly make our way into the Avenger and I take a position at one of the very large gun turrets that are equipped on this massive plane. As we ascend and head towards LSI Airport, enemy helicopters are en route, but things to the massive guns on this plane, it is pretty easy to dispatch of them.

All of us finally arrive at LSI Airport and land the Avenger in one of the hangars. Once that is done, a cut scene loads which concludes the Doomsday Heist Act 2.

Concluding The Doomsday Heist Act 2

After all of us are out of the plane in this cinematic, Lester comes walking up and is furious that we were pretty much all duped by AVON and his computer AI Clifford.

Suddenly two IAA agents walk in with one of them yelling at Lester that this is his fault, but the other IAA agent tells him that the planet will be in ruins if something isn’t done quickly. Lester pretty much thinks that is going to be very difficult considering Avon now has access to all IAA systems.

The female IAA agent says that we are allowed to do and use whatever we have to in order to stop Avon and Clifford. Lester wants us to be paid for doing this on behalf of the IAA and she agrees promising that the pay will be significant. Both IAA agents walk away and that ends the cut scene.

The finale mission of the Act 2 wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined, but I also had players who knew what they were doing and were focused on completing the mission. We all got paid handsomely for completing Act 2 while I got the biggest share of the cut which was over $500,000.

Act 2 of the Doomsday Heist is going to be very interesting so stay tuned and check back as I will definitely talk about how the prep missions as well as the setup missions end up going in this final act. I believe things will surely come to a head and powerful weaponry will be introduced on both sides.

In the meantime, you can check out the video below of myself in action in the finale of Act 2. The first 17 minutes of it is the actual mission itself while you can ignore the second half of the video if you want to as I had forgotten to shut it off after the mission was over. Feel free to post your thoughts and other comments.

4 thoughts on “Doomsday Heist Act 2: The Finale

  1. It’s fascinating the way you explain your experience of playing the game, the missions look very complicated, and you have covered extensively, the use of your pictures gives an insight into the game itself. I watched the video of you playing the game, it looks very thrilling, with crisp graphics. Well, I would like to say, keep up the good work.

    1. Well thank you for the kind words regarding my experience of playing the game and its latest missions. I love to include pictures as well as a video showing myself in action. 

  2. I have to say, I am a pretty avid gamer but never a big fan of GTA. You make it look super interesting! You did a great job going into detail with missions on the game! Because of this article I think I might actually re-download the game and give it go myself!

    1. You should definitely give it a try again. The added content to the online portion of GTA V make it so fun to play again. I really love the Doomsday Heists and the many other things you can in GTA Online. 

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