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I love playing video games and as you can tell from my site, my most favorite kind is open world games. I do have a number of open world games that I play, but believe it or not there are some that I do not own at the moment.

It’s not that I don’t have any interest in them which is quite the contrary. The hardest thing though is finding the time to play all these wonderful games and also having the money to buy them.

With being an adult and working a full time job, bills and other life necessities come first. With money that I have left over, I put some back into savings and then use some for entertainment. With games costing $60 these days, not to mention special editions of certain games costing even more, I want to do what I can to save money when I purchase games.

Now I can buy used games, but sometimes at certain places they are just not that much cheaper than the brand new versions and with games these days coming with special extras and add-ons, once someone has already used it or downloaded it, you can’t do it again on a used game.

So, where does that leave me when purchasing games? The answer believe it or not is Best Buy. Around a year ago, I purchased what is called Gamers Club. For $30 I would have access to game specials such as purchasing and trading in games.

More specifically though, I get 20% off the purchase of new video games which comes to around $12 off the purchase of a new game. That’s not too bad when you think about it, but here’s also another nice thing about shopping at Best Buy. You can also be a member of their rewards program where you can earn reward certificates for the purchases of most items in the store.

The more stuff you buy especially the higher priced an item is, the more points you earn and the better the potential to earn a nice reward certificate. The highest reward certificate I’ve ever gotten I believe was $20 and I think that was from the purchase of a television a couple of years ago.

Lately though I’ve been earning $5 reward certificates which is still nice to have. Now if you’ve been reading some of other posts lately, you know I’ve recently purchased the game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End . I purchased this game at Best Buy, but I was able to get this game for around $46!

I have my Gamers Club Membership which automatically game me $12 off and I also had a reward certificate which gave me another $5 off for a total of $17 in savings. Needless to say I was pretty happy about that and this pretty much ensures that I’ll most likely continue my game purchases from Best Buy for quite some time.

Now you might be wondering if there are some more benefits to joining Best Buy’s Gamers Club. There certainly is! You get 10% off of pre-owned games, 10% bonus trade in credit, 50% off of strategy guides, and 2X the points on new video game software just to name a few.

I personally think it is a better deal than what GameStop offers with their PowerUp Rewards membership though I’m not saying that what they offer is bad. I just find that what Best Buy offers saves me money more than purchasing new games from them.

What I’m happy about right now is that I have another $5 reward certificate that I can now use toward the purchase of a new game along with my membership. That will mean another savings of $17! There are definitely some open world games I am eyeing such as Far Cry 4 and Batman Arkham Knight or maybe even Sleeping Dogs!

Well there you have it, how I am now buying video games cheap so that I can save money. I definitely recommend signing up for the 2 year Gamers Club membership and it is only $30 to do so! You will love the savings on the new purchases of games and even more that you can save when you are a rewards member at Best Buy.

What are your thoughts on Gamers Club? Is it something you would be interested in trying out to save money on new game purchases? Do you know something even better that saves you money on games? Post your comments below!


4 thoughts on “Buying video games cheap

  1. I think the idea of a gamers club sounds pretty cool, especially if someone is playing now a lot of video games and hates paying the full retail price. Honestly I don’t know why these aren’t more popular, so many people play and are doing crazy trades just to get one game.

    Anyways, thanks for the reccomendation.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Hey there TheDopestMatrix! Yeah I’m kind of surprised these aren’t more popular either. It kind of makes me cringe at the idea of buying a brand new game at the full retail price of $60 even though I don’t buy games too often and I don’t like trading in games because of the price of buying them new and the credit you generally get in return. Gamers Club helps immensely with that and when you combine it with Best Buy’s reward certificates, the savings make it worth buying a brand new game.

  2. I think that a gamers club would be an awesome idea. Game prices these days are insane, I personally love the call of duty series, but you need a mortgage tobe able to afford them now. Basically anything that saves money and allows us to do what we love is great, but I do think that this one has some weight to it

    1. Yeah the Gamers Club at Best Buy is great at helping you save money when you buy new games and combine that with the occasional reward certificates from their rewards program just makes this a win for gamers.  

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