Wildlands Open Beta is About to Arrive!

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If you read my recent article about Ghost Recon Wildlands, then you know I mentioned that there is an open beta of the game that is coming which is good news for those that weren’t able to get into the closed beta. There was not a specific date of when the open beta will take place.

Well there is some good news on when it is coming. The Wildlands open beta will be released on February 23rd and will last through February 27th so you’ll definitely have some time to play the beta before the game’s expected release on March 7th.

All you have to do to play the open beta is go to the PSN store and find Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands beta and you should be able to download it. I’m sure the beta will be pretty hefty in size so hopefully you have  a good internet connection and have plenty of room on your hard drive to download it.

Ubisoft has also said that if you took part in the closed beta as well as the upcoming open beta and buy the full game before the end of March, you’ll get special access to a few missions that involves a cold war of sorts that’s about to turn hot between the country’s military and the drug cartel.

Ubisoft has also mentioned that the game map is among the largest open world maps they’ve ever had in any of their games. That’s saying a lot considering some of their other open world games such as the Watch Dogs series and especially The Crew have very large open world maps.

The game map for Wildlands is supposed to be divided into 21 different regions with over 11 different biomes so it should definitely make for some interesting diversity in the game.

These biomes apparently will feature their own wildlife as well as different weather patterns so expect some unique game play. The non-playable characters in the game will have their own lifestyle meaning you would be able to see them get up and go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, etc.

I love games that give their NPCs their own life regardless of whether you interact with them or not. Sometimes it can just be fun to watch and follow them about just to see what does happen in their life in the game.

Well now you know when the Wildlands open beta is coming so you’ve got some time to prepare for it before it arrives close to the end of next week.

I certainly hope they let you play co-op in this beta as they have been touting that as a big feature in the game. What are your thoughts on it? Does anyone plan on giving the open beta a try? Depending on how it plays, will you still buy the game?

Check back here for more updates as they arrive. Once I download the beta, I plan on posting my impressions of it and hopefully some screenshots as well as a video.

2 thoughts on “Wildlands Open Beta is About to Arrive!

  1. WOOHOO! FINALLY. I’m an avid gamer that’s why news like this excites me considering I have a bias for open world games. These kind of games are the ones that I really look forward for and the main reason why I upgraded my internet connection just so I can download this and be able to play without any disruption. I can’t wait for this to be released next week and I’m sure that I will download this as soon as it releases.

    1. Yeah this is going to be really exciting to play! It makes me happy as well that I have a pretty fast internet connection so I can download this game. Maybe we can try co-op together when it is released next week!

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