Why you should get Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4

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We are just a short time away from the arrival of GTA V on the PS4 and Xbox One. The scheduled release date is this Tuesday, November the 18th. Now I’ll admit that I’m not always a fan of buying a game that has been out for an older system and then is released for a newer system. Usually there only tends to be graphical enhancements and little else, case in point Tomb Raider and The Last of Us.

Don’t get me wrong, those are already great games to play but in my opinion, the graphical updates alone are not enough to spend another $60 for a game you already purchased on the PS3. If you haven’t played those games before though, then by all means buy it as it is worth playing.

The makers of Grand Theft Auto V have not only enhanced the graphics for the PS4 version, they’ve even added new elements that will put a fun and interesting twist on the already great gameplay and open world that makes the game so wonderful. Let’s take a closer look of what to expect in the new version of GTA 5.


As usually is the case with a newer version of an already great game, we expect better graphics to wow us. GTA 5 already had nice graphics on the PS3 but with the much bigger horsepower of the PS4, the graphics are going to be even better.

Draw distances have been doubled and tripled in some cases, textures have been redone giving a much more lifelike feel especially when out in the wilderness, traffic density has been increased, the amount of people going about in the game world has gone up, and so much more.

Photo courtesy of IGN
Photo courtesy of IGN


Other parts of the game world that should see graphical increases such as the underwater areas from the oceans, to the rivers and lakes. The detail should be breathtaking. The main characters in the game will also look even better and even show better emotion. Those greatly into graphics should be very happy how it now looks on the PS4. One other great thing about the graphics is that the resolution now runs in full 1080p.


Most of the main gameplay elements are still there from the original version, but one thing that has been added that will really make this game enjoyable is now the inclusion of first person mode which is a first for the Grand Theft Auto series. First person will add a whole new dimension to the already wonderful gameplay.

You will get to see things up close now and the attention to detail because of first person is said to be amazing. Textures and messages that seemed random and fuzzy from the PS3 version now has more detail and you will notice that when playing in first person.

Other things that have been added to game is the inclusion of new wildlife. The game already had wildlife in ranging from mountain lions, to deer, coyotes, and even sharks. Rockstar has said there is now even more wildlife than before and they have been pretty quiet as to what wildlife they added. Stay tuned!

Over 100 new licensed songs have been added to the radio stations of the game, plus there will be even more new vehicles added as well as some familiar ones from past GTA games.

Some new weapons have been added one of which is a prototype rail gun which is said to be one of the most powerful weapons in the game. You should be able to have a lot of more fun now causing mayhem with a bigger arsenal.

Another thing that has been added are some new challenges to the main characters in the game that will cause you to be handsomely rewarded once you complete them.

First person mode screenshot from ign.com .
First person mode screenshot from ign.com .


Multiplayer is probably the most popular aspect of GTA V and it will be even better on the PS4.  I, as I’m sure many of you have, spent a lot of time with the character you created in the online multiplayer aspect of the game and really don’t want to start over from scratch. Fear not as you will be able to transfer your character over to the newer version of the game!

Also, there amount of the people in the game world has increased to 30! There should now be even more chaos and craziness to see and more people to complete missions with it. Plus there will always be new content added to make multiplayer one of the best aspects of any game to date.

Multiplayer, courtesy of IGN
Multiplayer, courtesy of IGN

As you can see, this is just not some graphical upgrade. There’s been a whole lot done to make this game even better to play on the PS4 and great reasons to buy GTA V again. I am definitely going to be picking this up and can’t wait to get immersed in an already great game world with even greater attention to detail and fantastic gameplay with first person. You should buy this game on its release date!

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