What is the Corquette?

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Time for another GTA 5 gameplay update from none other than myself! I’m going to talk about the Corquette. Now what is the Corquette? It is a high end car in GTA 5 that is similar to the real life Corvette from Chevrolet. Since the makers of the game don’t have the licenses to use real life vehicles in the GTA games, they have to come up with their own versions.

The Corquette is a fast car that is for sure and I would say that it is the fastest car that I own right now. It’s not the fastest car in the game, but it can keep up with some of the higher end cars.

It is not a cheap car as it cost me $138,000. Fortunately I have over $2 million and so it wasn’t painful to buy it. Of course I could leave the car with all the stock parts, but I want this vehicle as fast and nice looking as possible and so I’ve decided to spend some money on upgrades.

The place to do upgrades and modifications to vehicles in GTA 5 is known as Los Santos Customs. It also where you can go to get your vehicle repaired should it get some damage. It can vary in cost depending on the severity of the damage. Usually for me it doesn’t exceed $500, but if you don’t like spending your hard earned cash in the game, just bring it to one of your garages that you own in the game (if you bought any) and park it, leave, and come back and it will be good as new.

You might be wondering what the top speed of the Corquette is. Well according to the in game website, legendary motorsport, the top speed is 202mph and can go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.

What’s interesting though is if the car really gets up to 200mph. The website says one thing, but reality in the game may be totally different. The reason I say this is because there are random challenges that pop up known as free mode challenges that you can participate in.

One of the challenges has you reaching the highest speed for as long as you possibly can. I was able to participate in it once after I bought the Corquette and upgraded it. Now I did win the challenge and won some money, however it said the top speed I reached was 125mph. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a sense of speed with this car because there certainly is, but it is disappointing that the challenge says the maximum speed I can reach with that car is 125mph.

Going back to the modifications and upgrades, I’ve definitely upgraded certain things on this fast vehicle. At Lost Santos Custom I’ve upgraded things such as the engine, ems, exhaust, turbo, and even added armor to this car. I’ve got bullet resistant tires on the car as well which comes in handy when coming up against destructive players or hell bent police.

EMS Upgrades
EMS Upgrades

I do have to mention though that even though I have the strongest armor available on my car, that does not make this car invincible by any means and I can still be killed by other players. The car is definitely not resistant to explosives such as grenades and rpgs and I’ve had other players take me out with well placed sniper shots that went right through my windshield. You might see an example of that in a video I have of my online created character spending some time with the Corquette.

I have not had it destroyed by explosives yet though from other players which is a surprise to me. Awhile back I was driving around the city of Los Santos and came across another player who had a different, but faster high end car and decided to chase me.

I was definitely able to keep control of the vehicle at high speeds, but I could not outrun this player’s car so it was time to do a bit of trickery so to speak. I would notice that he was getting close to my car and was using explosives such as mines I believe, to destroy me and my Corquette. I was weaving in and out of traffic, but the first time he got really close I suddenly slammed on my breaks coming to a stop pretty quickly. He went on right past me, fortunately missing me with those mines as well and he hit a few other vehicles.

I drove right past him and headed towards the freeway. Once I got on it I decided to try to make my way out of the city, but he regained control and was right on my tail again and catching up fast. This player was hell bent on killing me and blowing up my car, but I was also determined to get away from him. I was trying to think of ways to maneuver or slow him down when I saw an opportunity.

There was a freeway ramp coming up to another freeway so what I did was veer to the far left side of the highway and noticed that the other player did as well. I had to time it just right because I was going to veer right at the last possible second to get on that large ramp and get away. It’s certainly a tricky maneuver because if I time it wrong, I’ll crash into the barrier or worse yet lose control, hit multiple vehicles or even fly off the freeway considering I was driving at top speed.

The ramp was coming up quickly and at the last possible second, I veered suddenly to the right and managed to get onto the ramp just barely missing the barrier and also managing to keep control of the car. I suddenly heard an explosion and just for a brief moment I thought I was done for, but noticed that myself and the Corquette I was driving were still intact.

Is my Corquette floating?!
Is my Corquette floating?!

It appears that the other player threw a mine at me as I started veering right all of a sudden and must’ve tried to veer right as well, but ended up running over his own mine and killed himself. I couldn’t exactly see as I didn’t hit the button on the controller to look back as I was busy concentrating on keeping control of my vehicle and trying to get away.

Nevertheless it was sweet that he blew himself up and I was able to speed off and get away. That right there just proved that I made the right decision in buying and upgrading the Corquette as it definitely proved its worth to me.

Now I have three different garages spread around Los Santos. There is my big 10 car garage that is part of my condo by the downtown area, a 4 car garage under a freeway that I purchased a few months ago when the low-riders download became available, and a new 6 car garage I purchased last week in the warehouse/industrial area of the city.

I typically keep my Corquette in the garage under the freeway along with a few other of my fastest and upgraded vehicles. It makes for a nice collection to showcase and use should the need ever arise. I don’t have anything stored at my 6 car garage at the moment, but that will certainly change in the future.

I definitely want to buy more high end cars, but they are quite pricey and believe it or not there are some that are in the millions. I could spend all my money on one car at the moment if I wanted to. It’ll take some time, but I am definitely building up some more money to buy one of them.

Hopefully after reading this it has answered your question of what is the Corquette and maybe some reasons why you should purchase this car in the game.

In the meantime, check out the video below to see me driving around with the Corquette and some crazy and deadly situations I get in while using that vehicle. As always feel free to post comments and always check back for more updates of my experiences with GTA 5!

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  1. Hey i’m a fan of gta v. I like your review about the corquette. I like the way that it so informative and enjoyable to read. I forgot the name of the lambo and bugatti in gta v. but how about if it is comapred to this 2 sportscar is it good?

    1. Hello John! Glad you liked my review of the Corquette! As far as how well it does against those other cars you mentioned, I cannot say for sure yet as I haven’t tested them out. I do plan to at some point in the future, but as I mentioned in my article, some of those other high end cars are quite expensive and so I want to build up some money first before I buy them and upgrade them.

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