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I think it’s time to see my crazy adventures in the online world of GTA 5. You’ll get to see what my character looks like if you haven’t already, my deadly arsenal, vehicles and properties that I own, and how many times I get killed!

It should prove to be interesting plus you’ll get to see many of the challenges and missions that can be participated in in GTA 5 online. You’ll also see the use of the Rhino Tank as well as the Hydra Jet.

Now even though I have a rank of 130 doesn’t mean I’m in invincible as you’ll quickly see. There are many other online players who far exceed me and are better at killing or taking out others than I am.

My hope is that you get some enjoyment out of these videos and I plan to do a weekly video series of them. They will be a combination of regular videos and live broadcasts which will range anywhere from 5 minutes all the way up to possibly an hour, but I will certainly try to make them as interesting as possible if they get to an hour.

Suffice it to say I do not plan to just stand there for long periods of time and do nothing. You will definitely see me get into some crazy situations.

Ok with that out of the way and without further ado, here is my first weekly video and I will certainly break it down as to what is going in the video here.

As you can see at the beginning of the video I start out in my apartment. By the way since this is a live video broadcast you can see my face to the right and all my lovely reactions during the course of this video.

I decide to leave my apartment going to the street below. As you can see, I decide to steal a vehicle and drive off with it. Unfortunately, I steal the car in front of a cop. Here comes the wanted level, but it is just a one star wanted level.

I quickly speed off through Los Santos to try and get away from the cops. I didn’t fully pay attention as I was driving and as you can see and also from what I say, I hit a tree. I back the car up and proceed to drive away, however I notice that on my map there is a jet quickly heading my way.

I try to take off as fast as possible, but it is to no avail as whoever is piloting that jet blasts me away with its heavy machine guns and missiles. Don’t you just love my reaction there?

As I respawn I notice a message on the screen that says “Fly upside-down near the ground for the longest distance”. Also to the right of that message there are stats of people who are already doing that. I then decide that I want to give this a try.

I decide to steal a car and head to where there is a plane on the map. You can hear me talking to someone online as they are asking if I would like to participate with him in robbing some stores. I decline by saying that I want to try this plane challenge instead as I haven’t really participated in many of these challenges before. We do have some banter for a little while.

Hydra in Flight
Hydra in Flight

As you can see in the video (NOT the image above), I manage to get to the plane which is similar to a Cessna plane I believe. I manage to take off and start flying upside down, but I have to get low to the ground in order to start the challenge and to see how long I can do it for.

Now as you can see, I’m having some success so far as I’m flying upside down over large parts of the city and make my way to the airport and out to the ocean. Unfortunately for this challenge, flying over water doesn’t count so I have to turn back around and head over land to start the challenge again. If you look to the lower right of the screen, you can see that there is time counting down.

I do successfully turn around and head back over the city and towards the mountains. I’m getting too close to the power lines and then hit one of their towers which causes a wing to get sheared off and my plane heading towards the ground! I’m doing what I can to bail out which I finally do, but it is too close to the ground and all of a sudden BOOOOM goes the plane and killed I am!

The fast paced music you hear all of a sudden is time winding down for the challenge and I am knocked out of 3rd place. Still though it was a fun challenge to try.

The next thing I do after I respawn is to take a car and go driving back in the city. I do however begin to get chased by another player who is in a firetruck and begins spraying water at me, but my car is just too fast for the firetruck to keep up.

I drive over a freeway by the downtown area and also begin to notice another player following me, but this time in a MUCH faster car that can easily catch up to me. The player begins shooting at me and hitting my car. It is then that I decide to hit my breaks to bring my car to a stop and make a stand. Big mistake!

The car following me plows right into mine as I’m getting out of the car. Because of the impact I fall to the ground. I do manage to get back up, choose a weapon and starting firing at the person inside the vehicle, but it appears that his car is heavily armored and so I am not hitting him at all, but he puts bullet holes in my character thus killing me and driving off.

Grenade launcher!
Grenade launcher!

After respawning near an overpass over the freeway, I start to run across it and see another player just standing there. I decide to throw a sticky bomb on him, but it lands beside him and I detonate it thus killing the player, but another online player drives up in a car and tries to run him over just a couple seconds after my sticky bomb explodes.

I thought that other player was wanting me to get into his car as he stopped near me. I got in and thought we were going to drive off, but that wasn’t the case at all. He got out of the car and then I got out, but before I could get a weapon out, he managed to shoot and kill me, roll away and then jumped off the overpass onto the freeway below.

After respawning, I kill the guy again a few more times before driving off. The guy was the one I killed with the sticky bomb. I then drive off into the more wealthy area of the city, but suddenly a message pops up saying a $7,000 bounty has been placed on me.

I am definitely not thrilled by this at all and yet I decide to drive up to another group of online players to see if I can take them out or at least drive through their gunfire that is erupting between to them. Sadly I don’t make it through and I’m killed. I then decide to place a $10,000 bounty on the person who killed me.

Once the bounty is placed, I decide to go after some other players, but one in particular that is marked as a red circle on the map. This turns out to not be a good idea for me at all as this guy is able to blow away many times. I won’t go into much more detail in regards to that as it is not fun constantly getting killed.

I do get my revenge though as I got to a courtyard in a building and wait for him there. Just as he thinks it will be an easy kill for him, I have a nice surprise waiting for him that soon explodes killing him.

With that, I’ve decided that I have had enough of facing off with this player and move on somewhere else. A new challenge pops up on my screen that says “Find an air vehicle and prepare for Air Checkpoints in the North East”. I definitely want to participate in that challenge and so I go on the map where a helicopter is so I can take part in the challenge.

It does take me a little while to get to the helicopter as I’m trying to get away from the cops, which I eventually do. I finally make my way to the chopper, get in, and then proceed to head northeast toward the money checkpoints that are in the sky.

The cool thing about those money check points is that the more of them you go through, the more money they are worth as you fly through them. I love that when you go through them you get money so that way it offsets the challenge if you don’t make it into the top 3.

It is a little difficult to go through the money checkpoints at first, but I do manage to do it and collect a total of 11 of them which gives me $13,900. It is much needed considering what I spent on those bounties against other players earlier.

Now the one thing about these types of challenges is that if you commandeer a vehicle or craft to use to participate in the challenge and it ends, you will NOT be able to keep it. It has a self destruct mechanism that engages after the challenge is over. I believe it is a minute or so before it explodes, but you’ll know it is coming by a beeping sound that speeds up as time goes by until the eventual explosion which you do see of the helicopter I used.

Well there you have it folks, my detailed description of what happens in the above gameplay video of GTA 5 online. I plan to make this an annual video series of Grand Theft Auto 5 and hopefully you like this video of what I plan to be many more. As always, check back for updates and videos!



2 thoughts on “Video series of GTA 5

  1. I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAY GTA5! I think your page is fantastic. I love the detail you give in the play-by-play of the game. It makes me really want to go get the game and play immediately. Are there any glitches or parts of the game that render slowly, etc?

    1. Hi there Gabrielle! Glad you like the play by play I give of the game from the video I posted. It really is such an incredibly fun game to play. As far as glitches go, I really can’t think of any, but that’s not to say there haven’t been any glitches. Rockstar has done a fantastic job of polishing their game and fixing anything that might come up. You should definitely get GTA 5 when you get the chance! 🙂

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