The Crew PS4 Beta

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Yes, the title is correct there is a beta of The Crew coming to the PS4. It is a closed beta meaning that not everyone will be able to get to play it. You will need to register for it here, plus you will need to sign up for Ubisoft’s Uplay to register for the beta. If you are accepted, they will send you a key with further instructions to download the beta. You can also register for the beta if you have an Xbox One. The Beta is supposed to be taking place in late September according to the website, but no new information has been released at this time.

There have already been 2 different betas of The Crew released for the PC, both of which I am happy to report I was able to take part in. I will post soon about my experiences of playing both betas on the PC. If you do plan on buying The Crew for the PC once the final game is released, you’ll definitely want to make sure your computer is up to the task as the requirements are certainly hefty. I met all the requirements except for one which would be the graphics card. I was still able to play the game, but sadly not at its full graphical ability as I had to have the visual settings turned down to low. Nevertheless, I was still able to enjoy the game. The Crew is slated to be released on November 11 and you can read more about The Crew at the official website.

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