The 2nd beta of The Crew for PS4 is coming

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Well after the first beta for the PS4 and Xbox One came and went, the second one is now on its way and will start on November 6 going through November 10th. Now according to the website, this beta is the one that people will participate in or have guaranteed access if you pre-ordered The Crew. I did preorder it just before the first console beta was released, but it was not to work with that one. I am hoping this time I will be able to participate in this new beta.

Now this will likely be the last beta of The Crew before its release date which is December 2. I am definitely excited to try it and explore the MASSIVE open world of this game (which I did already in the PC beta back in the summer). In my opinion, this will probably the best racing game released this year. Here is an excellent article about The Crew from the folks at examiner which is definitely worth a read.

If you would like a chance to participate in the beta, please go here and register for it and choose which console you would like to play it on. It is a first come first served basis and not everyone who registers will be accepted. Beta code keys will be emailed out within 48 hours of the beta release. Good luck!

4 thoughts on “The 2nd beta of The Crew for PS4 is coming

  1. Yes, The Crew is definitely going to be a great open world game to play! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get in the 2nd console beta 🙂

    Glad you like the site Amanda!

  2. I am sure that many people look forward to have the Crew soon. You are providing a great service to PS4 and XBox fans by letting them know the dates when it will be launched.

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