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The news just keeps getting better and better when it comes to updates for Grand Theft Auto 5. Now that Red Dead Redemption has been delayed until spring of next year, it appears that updates for GTA 5 will continue past the original cut off date that Rockstar originally planned.

That is good news especially since GTA 5 is played so much these days. So what is the next GTA 5 update? Well it is apparently going to be called Gun Runner. The concept of it has you dealing with various militias throughout San Andreas.

You’re basically doing illegal arms trade in this new update. There’s supposed to be brand new weapons and military hardware as well as new vehicles that will sport different kinds of weapons as well as brand new outfits that you’ll be able to purchase.

There has been no official date as to when the Gun Runner update will come, but it is being speculated that it will more than likely arrive sometime in the summer.

In the meantime it will be a sure bet that Rockstar will release weekly bonuses and sales for its online content in the game of GTA 5 such as discounts on weapons or vehicles that you can purchase in the game.

Rockstar’s last big update or newest mode was Tiny Racers and I talked about some of my first experiences with it here. I still play it and it has helped me to earn money so I can reach that elusive $10 million dollars to purchase certain things that I’ve been wanting in the game.

Tiny Racers


Besides the Gun Runner update that will be coming, I wonder what other things Rockstar will now add because of the delay of Red Dead Redemption 2. There have been rumors of a gambling type of update coming where you’ll be able to gamble in a casino and play other games to win money.

I certainly wouldn’t mind that since I do like slot machines in real life and the chance to win extra money in the game through luck I think would be awesome. There already is a casino in Los Santos, but you can’t enter it unfortunately.

I also think the game developer should release a single player update like they hinted at in the past. I know some people have been wanting to see that for a long time, but since they’ve been focusing more on the online portion of the game and as successful as that has been, it seems that they no longer care for the single player portion.

It is a shame because I would’ve loved to get into new adventures with the game’s three main protagonists and would like to see new and crazy dialogue from Trevor.

What are your thoughts on the delay of Red Dead Redemption 2 and about more updates coming to GTA 5 than what was originally planned?

The Gun Runner update sounds like it will be a hectic, but fun update with new weapons and vehicles to try so I am looking forward to that one whenever it is released. Of course with Rockstar, new updates are always free so you never have to worry about paying for anything new. Any thoughts on this next GTA 5 update?

2 thoughts on “Next GTA 5 Update

  1. Wow it’s so nice to hear there is another new update coming! I’m a big big GTA fan so I love all the updates and new cars, weapons… it just makes the game much more fun to keep playing. I also loved the previous update like I said that’s the reason GTA 5 doesn’t get boring. I do have a question though, do you know what kind of cars and weapons we can expect? or how many?

    1. Glad to hear you love GTA as well! Nothing has been specifically said as to how many cars or weapons we can expect, but there will be new weapons that are of military grade. They haven’t said what kind of vehicles will be in this update either, but as we get closer to the release of the Gunner Update, I’m sure there will be more information of what all will be included in it so definitely check back.

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