My GTA 5 Nightclub Experience Continues with a Touch of Doomsday

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I’m back and ready to talk about my continued GTA 5 Nightclub experience. I’ll also be talking about the Doomsday Heist Act 3 as I was able to participate in and actually complete the second setup mission. Don’t worry, the second setup mission, while a bit difficult, was nowhere near as challenging as the first one was in Act 3. You can read all about that here if you want.

I also delve further into the nightclub life as I start setting up things finally in the warehouse where I can run illegal businesses through it as well as doing certain kinds of other missions for the club. I also start earning money daily now which is supposed to average $10,000 a day (boy I wish I could earn that much in real life).

You’ll also read what happens when I do these particular kinds of missions in a lobby full of other players. It doesn’t always go as you’ve planned as I’m sure many of you have already experienced. Well let’s get to it, here’s my most recent experience with the After Hours Update and the Doomsday Heist.

Promoting the Galaxy Nightclub

Now that I’m back in my club after starting a brand new session online, it’s time to start actively promoting my club so that I can keep its popularity up. In order for me to do that, I have to use the computer in my personal office (that I share with Tony) and access the Nightclub Management App.

From there I can see certain stats such as celebrity appearances, my safe capacity, current clientele, and more. Of course one of the biggest stats to focus on is nightclub popularity. There is a bar at the top that shows it’s nearly full, but it is starting to decrease a little.

I certainly want to keep its popularity up so I click on the Promote Club button in the center and confirm that I would like to start a nightclub management mission. This is my very first time trying this out so I’m definitely wondering just what kind of promotion I’ll end up doing.

Once I spawn outside of the club, Tony calls me and is glad that I’ve agreed to help promote the club in order to keep it running. My mission here is relatively simple. I just need to place a total of 8 posters at various places around the city to help bring people to the Galaxy (the name of my club).

The missions I’ve done up to this point for my nightclub have been pretty easy mainly since I had to get the Galaxy up and running. This mission should be relatively easy as well, but when you’re in a lobby with other players, sadly that can make things more difficult as that does happen at one point during this mission but I’ll get to that shortly.

It’s now time for me to bring up the map and choose my first location to put up a poster. The first one is actually just a couple of blocks away from me, but I do want to be a little careful because there’s another online player who’s very close to that location and I also see that they’re registered as a CEO. I’m using some caution here as I don’t want to get in a tussle with this player and instead just focus on completing the mission.

Fortunately, that player doesn’t bother me and I’m able to drive up to the first location and put up my first poster on a wall outside of a building. I don’t have any problems there and so I get back in the Corquette and head to the next location. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have 20 minutes to complete this mission and I believe that would be plenty of time. I did say earlier that there are other players in this lobby and I’ll actually be cutting it a little close because of interference from an online player in particular.

Promoting the Galaxy Nightclub
Putting up a poster of my nightclub

I’m now ready to deliver my second poster and so I go to the map and choose my second location. The next location is not far away and is actually pretty close to one of my garage’s next to a freeway. Once the second poster is up, I choose my next location which is on the north end of Los Santos. I’ve now got three posters up and 5 more to go and by this time, my timer is down to around 16 minutes.

The next one I choose is a bit further away and is actually near my CEO headquarters. As I’m driving to that location, I end up passing another player who’s in a nice looking American muscle type car. As I drive past him, I quickly notice that he begins to follow me. I start to speed up as fast as I can knowing exactly what’s coming. When I’m far enough ahead of him, I immediately stop my car by the country club, get out, take out my homing missiles (rocket launcher) and take aim as he’s heading right towards me.

I fire the rocket at him, but unfortunately, it seems his car very heavily armored and so the explosion does not have the effect on him as I hoped and he plows right into me with is car as well as my Corquette. He hits a tree nearby, but as my character gets up, I try to quickly fire my rocket launcher again, but sadly I have to reload it and that gives him ample time to fire his own weapon at me and kill me. I’m not very happy at this turn of events and I end up spawning on the golf course inside the grounds of the country club.

Once I make it back out onto the street, I notice that my time for completing this mission continues to tick down and I’ve only put up 3 posters out of 8. I’ve got to pick up the pace, but I’ve also got to be very careful that this other player doesn’t come back around and try to kill me again. My car though is still actually in one piece and so I get in it and head to the next location which thankfully is very close by. The 4th poster is now up and I’m ready to head to my fifth destination.

In the meantime, I’ve also noticed this online player is reaking havoc on other players in this lobby and I keep seeing popups of other players getting killed by him. Even though I’ve got to watch my back, my focus is to complete this mission and so I head to the remaining locations as fast as I can, but also trying to keep an out for my executioner.

As I head to my 6th location, I do notice the same player ahead of me on another street, but thankfully he doesn’t pay me any attention this time and so I make it to my destination unscathed. 6 down and two more to go with a little over 10 minutes left!

The 7th poster location actually happens to be at Los Santos Airport and so I head that way. I thought the 7th location was on the top-level, but it’s actually on the lower level and so I have to turn around and head down that way. Now that the seventh poster is up, it’s time to head towards my 8th and final poster location. The final poster happens to be at an abandoned store front and once the poster is up, a message pops up that says my nightclub popularity increased. It seems like it’s a job well done, but I notice something at the bottom of the screen that says for me to go inside of a police station.

Now even though the message popped up saying that the mission has been passed, I still think that this is actually part of the same mission and so I choose what seems to be the closet police location on the map and head that way. Tony gives me a call on the way there saying that I basically did good work by getting those posters up. I make into a police station and once I’m inside, there’s another message at the bottom of the screen that says for me to recover intel from a police laptop.

I enter a room where I thought one was, but it was actually one room over. Sadly, I get a 2 star wanted level for going where I should not have gone and I’m immediately being fired upon. A message also pops up saying that the challenge I actually engaged in is now over as cargo was not delivered. At this point though I’ve taken quite a few gunshots from the police and I quickly head out of the station. I immediately run to my Corquette, back up, and then speed away as fast as I can.

I’m wanting to go back to the Galaxy, but I need to get rid of this wanted level first and so I hop on the freeway and head towards the location where I can underground thanks to an opening in the wall on the side of the freeway in the downtown area of the city. I’m lucky though as the wanted level actually disappears before I can get there.

With the wanted level now gone, I’m now able to go back to my club. Once I’m back there, I decide that I want to start getting things setup in my warehouse so I can run businesses through it.

Actually Setting Up the Warehouse for Distribution

Now as I stated above, I’m ready to set up my warehouse for distribution in regard to my other businesses being run through it. The first order of business is to get into the Nightclub Management App on my laptop computer in the game and choose the Warehouse Management part of it.

Once I do that, I have to choose a Warehouse Technician so that they can be assigned to certain goods type that’s available. I’ve only got 2 available at the moment which is Cargo and Shipments and Sporting Goods. I assign the first one on the left of the list to Cargo and Shipments, but choosing and then assigning a warehouse technician to a specific goods type does cost money.

In fact, it costs me $141,000 per technician and currently there are only 2 available to pick from as I stated above. I’ve got more than enough money though and I’m also starting to earn from my nightclub daily so it’s not that big of a hassle. I also re-book one of the DJs which happens to be Solomun and it costs me $10,000. The good news though is that my Nightclub Popularity is at maximum.

After a brief cut scene plays out that shows Solomun sticking around and continuing his DJ duties, I head back into my office and hop on the computer so that I can get into the app and do another nightclub mission. Even though my last mission got a little tense because of another online player, I was able to complete it successfully and I figure I can complete another one with relative ease so that I can keep Galaxy’s popularity up.

First Mission Failure From my NightClub

I’m ready to do a nightclub mission and so after I choose the option to do so from the app on the laptop, my character spawns outside the club and Laslow calls my phone saying that I need to get some local celebrities to come into the club and so I need to pick up some VIPs to help with that.

There’s a large, stretched Humvee type limo waiting for me and so I get in it and head towards my first location which is at Banham Canyon. This location is on the edge of the city limits along what’s pretty much the Pacific Coast Highway. After I pick the first person up, my next location is at Richards Majestic.

I do want to mention here that I’m not in this lobby by myself and there are other players here. I keep thinking I’m not going to really have to worry about that especially considering the player I had to deal with from the previous mission had left the game.

Well, let’s just say that I was completely wrong for having such thoughts because as I’m on my way to the second location, another player opens fire on my vehicle. I eventually stop and get out and prepare to take this guy out. Unfortunately, he gets the jump on me and knocks me down with his car.

As soon as I get up, he gets out of his car and gets his gun out and starts firing at me. I manage to get my gun at as well and start firing at him and while my bullets are hitting him, my health is far more depleted than his and he ends up killing me. I’m not very happy at this turn of events and so as soon as I re-spawn, I come running back to that location and see that the other player is right in front of my vehicle.

Picking up a VIP for my nightclub
Picking up a VIP

The good thing about this Humvee stretched limo is that it’s high enough off the ground to where I can actually shoot underneath it and hit his legs. It actually does the trick and I end up killing him. Since I’m able to get my revenge, that means I’m able to get back in the limo and complete my mission right? WRONG! As I’m walking back to the limo, I decide to throw a grenade and blow up the other player’s car, but a random NPC knocks me down to the ground from the van she was driving.

I’m able to get back up, but I see that the other player has re-spawned pretty close to where I am and he’s hell-bent on getting his revenge on me. He comes at me firing away and I switch to my heavy assault rifle, but it’s too little, too late. He mows me down with his gun.

Once I re-spawn, I head back to the location of the stretched limo and prepare to return fire on him, but I’m too late. He destroys the limo, killing the VIP in it and causing me to fail the mission. My phone rings shortly after and Laslow asks how I messed this up. I’m not wanting to hear any of it as I’m just livid that the mission is over because of this player. I manage to steal a car and head towards him, but he has some cover thanks to another vehicle by him and so I drive past him and turn back around (after hitting a few cars thanks to some lag) so that I can confront him. I get out of my car and unload my heavy assault rifle at him. He does his best to try to dodge the bullets, but it doesn’t work and I end up killing him. It was my turn again to get revenge!

After I take him out, I don’t want to stick around so I steal a random NPC’s vehicle which happens to be a Humvee. I decide to head back to my club and contemplate on whether or not I should do another nightclub mission. When I finally arrive to the Galaxy, I’ve decided to try to find a new session to see if maybe I can have one all to myself. Well, that doesn’t end up happening and so after I’m done checking the map for other players, I’ve decided that it is time for me return to the Doomsday Heist.

Missile Launching Setup Mission of the Doomsday Heist

You might think I’m crazy for jumping back into the Doomsday Heist and continuing on with Act 3 and completing the Setup Missions. If you’ve read my previous post about my first Setup Mission in Act 3, you’ll know just how difficult things are now getting in this final act.

I’ll certainly agree that it was my toughest mission yet, but I’m getting very close to completing the Doomsday Heist and so I want to get it done and out of the way so that I can earn some very nice money from it.

This mission is an interesting one as I have to escort and protect an agent known as ULP and I have to use the Chernobog (which is a mobile missile launcher) in order to do it. I’m able to get 3 other players to join me and so once we’re ready to go, I start the mission.

The first thing that has to be done is that we all have to drive to the Paleto Bay Construction Yard in order to retrieve the Chernobog. Once we all arrive, we see that the area is under attack from Avon’s heavily armed security detail. We have to take them all out in the construction yard, but it is not an easy feat. They are very well armed and there are many of them, and there are also more that drive into the area and start opening fire. I try returning fire and destroy one of those vehicles, but I get killed in the process. Well, there’s goes one of the lives we can expend in this mission.

After I re-spawn, I start taking hits from members of the security team and so I immediately run to take cover, but one of the other players gets killed and it ends the mission. I don’t want to give up and so we all decide to restart, but fortunately we don’t have to drive all the way back to the construction yard.

We all spawn near it and head back into the danger zone. As I get near the wall, I decide to throw some sticky bombs over the wall and detonate them to see if I can take out a good number of the enemy agents. I do take out a few and also destroy some of their vehicles. Some of my other teammates do the same thing and we start doing well in regard to taking out the security detail. At least that’s what I thought, but I didn’t realize 2 of my teammates were taken out and once again, the mission ends.

I’m beginning to feel that this might be a repeat of the previous Setup Mission because of how quickly we keep getting killed and have to restart the mission. Even with these setbacks, I still want to keep trying so I can get closer to completing the Doomsday Heist.

My anger shows after re-spawning because as soon as I see an enemy vehicle drive towards the construction yard, I immediately get out the mini-gun and unload massive amounts of bullets causing the truck to explode in a nice fireball. Another enemy truck is driving my way, but I fire my mini-gun at it and obliterate it.

As I run towards the construction yard, I switch to grenades and thrown them over the large fence, taking out some of the security team. A number of them have been taken out, but I also have to give thanks to my teammates for that as well. There’s a section of fence that I climb over and I go to take some cover so I can help take out the remaining security guards working for Avon.

Now that they are out of the way, 2 members of my team get into the large Chernobog and there are two other vehicles that myself and the other teammate will have to get into. Once I see what they are, a smile comes to my face because they’re both what I like to call the ramp cars. I have one for personal use (as in for use outside of missions in the game), but if you don’t know what they are, here’s a description. I can drive into other cars and they’ll go flying into the air because of how my vehicle is made with the front of the car acting as a ramp and going up at an angle.

The ramp car and Chernobog
The Chernobog

If you’ve seen the 6th movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway, the next part of the mission is about to commence and let me tell you, it’s not very easy and I’m still amazed that we didn’t have to re-do this part of the mission like we did in the first half of it.

What has to be done here is that my team has to deliver the Chernobog to the landing site where the ULP agent will be at. There are enemies while we are in route, but our ramp cars pretty much make quick work of them. Once we get to the area we need to, one of my teammates who is in the Chernobog just stops short of the main area. Not really sure why this happened, but he gets back in and heads to the landing area.

The Agent is in bound in a helicopter, the problem though is that he’s being chased by enemy helicopters which are very heavily armed. I try to help take some of them out, but I end up getting killed which now costs us the 1 life we could spare. Agent ULP is being chased by the remaining helicopters and I after I re-spawn, I give chase.

I want to get to an open area on the highway and once I do, I get out of the vehicle switch to my homing missiles and open fire. I end up taking out one of the helicopters and try to catch up to my teammates, but enemy agents are giving chase in land vehicles and their helicopters are also firing on me. It doesn’t help that my ramp car looses a wheel amid all this chaos. On top of all that, Agent ULP’s helicopter is getting damaged as the damage bar on it keeps decreasing.

So now I’m trying to help take out the enemies on the highway, the ones up in the air, and also driving a three wheeled ramp car all the while trying to keep myself from getting killed which I come VERY close to have happening. I’m still surprised that it hasn’t happened and I’m able to buy time at points so that my health can regenerate to half of what it normally is.

After I take cover under a highway overpass and get some of my health back, I head towards where the enemy helicopters are and try to help my team whose ahead of me. I see that one of the enemy choppers is blown out of the sky, but another one takes its place and is now following ULP over the lake. I’m trying to target one of the helicopters, but I get rammed from behind from an enemy truck. I’m getting pretty angry at this point and destroy the truck with my rocket launcher. I also take out another one that was coming right towards me.

Things are getting really dangerous now because ULP’s helicopter has about 25% of its damage bar left. Lester warns what will happen if ULP’s chopper goes down. I’m trying to catch up as fast as I can when all of a sudden a voice comes in who is from ULP and he said that he’s now in a radar free zone pretty much and that the enemy choppers have stopped giving chase. I now have to follow him the rest of the way to the drop off point which thankfully isn’t too much further and no longer have to worry about Avon’s Security Team.

A message finally pops up that says the Setup Mission has been passed and I can now breathe a sigh of relief. Kind of a crazy setup mission, but thankfully it’s not one I had to repeat over and over.


Well I hope you enjoyed my description of my latest GTA 5 Nightclub experience as well as the crazy, but successful Doomsday Heist setup mission I was able to complete. I’m glad that I was able to get things setup finally for my warehouse so I can start running those illegal activities through it.

I also need to be more careful when doing the Nightclub missions in a lobby with other players. Even though I encountered some resistance from another player in the first mission I tried, at least I was able to complete it. I just wish the second one could’ve gone as well, but I’m very determined to try that VIP mission again sometime as I want to successfully bring them to my club.

You can see a video below of both Nightclub missions to truly get a visual representation of what happened. If you also go to my YouTube Channel, you can see a video of the second setup mission that I was able to complete. Don’t hesitate to post your thoughts on my recent experiences and stay tuned, because there will definitely be more to come.




4 thoughts on “My GTA 5 Nightclub Experience Continues with a Touch of Doomsday

  1. The Nightclubs are great for getting virtually free money provided you own other MC businesses.

    The only thing annoying is that you only get half a segment for completing a Nightclub Promotion mission.

    I have only done two Doomsday Heist missions because I always seem to get partenred with people who don’t know what they are doing or don’t care which leads to wasting a lot of time.

    I love to grind though. Terrorbyte here I come.

    Thanks for the article. Was a fun read.

    1. I can definitely understand what you mean with the Doomsday Heist missions. There are have been some in the past where I’ve had other players that didn’t care what was happening in the mission. Thankfully, I get paired once in awhile with some who care and want to help you complete it. Hopefully you encounter some of those players if you ever get back into the Doomsday Heist. 

  2. It’s insane how realistic looking and lifelike these games have become. I had a playstation as a kid and the quality now compared to then is mind-blowing. It’s almost difficult to tell the difference between the images in this post and reality. Maybe i’ll have to get myself a new Playstation!

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