Motorcycle stunts in GTA 5

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It has been a little while since I last did an update, but I decided to talk about my first experience with Rockstar’s newest downloadable content, Cunning Stunts.

I must say that I’m really liking the new Cunning Stunts content. I talked a little bit about it and posted a trailer shortly before its release.

This new content features racing courses that are setup throughout different parts of the map that are usually way up above everything and feature insane ramps and jumps, crazy obstacles, upside down loops and a whole lot more. I’ve done about 3 of these and I’ve generally enjoyed the ones I’ve played so far.

The first one I played was a motorcycle stunts course in GTA 5. Well, at least some high jumps anyway. I must say this quickly turned out to be one of my favorites to play and I came in 2nd place on my first try of it.

The course is in downtown Los Santos and it has large ramps and goes way up in the air and twists and turns in between the large skyscrapers of the downtown area. Part of the course even goes through one of the massive skyscrapers!

There were about 7 racers all together. With the lack of rails on this course, it is very easy to fall off the sides especially if you’re trying to land from a really high jump. I was fortunate enough not to fall off while racing through this amazing course.

On some of the really long ramps that you end up going way up on, there are speed sections where when you drive over them, it gives you a speed boost so you can make it to the top of the ramp without losing momentum.

Even though I was using a pretty fast motorcycle during this race, it wasn’t enough for me to come in first place, but nevertheless I was pretty happy coming into second place since this was my very first try. It was initially a tight race though between me and the other player who was in third place.

He was ahead of me for most of the race, but it wasn’t until near the very end of the second lap that he must’ve ended up falling off because I saw him respawn in front of me and I was able to pass him close to the finish line.

There were a total of 2 laps during this race and in total the race lasted around 3 to 4 minutes. I like the fact that generally no matter what place you end up finishing the race in, you still get to earn some money. I earned a nice chunk of change for coming into second place, but of course the first place player got bragging rights.

It is worth mentioning though that there is a sort of time limit when racing on these courses so if you are ranked anywhere below 4th place when racing, a timer will start to count down especially when the higher ranked players have already finished the race. I didn’t have to worry about that on my very first go round with this.

I did try two other courses after playing this one, but I didn’t do anywhere near as good as I did with this one. The second course I tried was in another part of the city which had a course going over and around parts of the Port of Los Santos area and one of the bridges going over it.

There were no motorcycles in that one and instead used vehicles resembling mini-coopers or VW bugs. These vehicles while lighter, were a little bit harder to control, but it was also easier to bump into each other and cause other players to crash. This certainly happened in the beginning of the race.

What I liked about this course is you had to choose in some sections of it whether to go right or left. They ended up in the same place, but it was nice to be given a choice especially if you’re trying to stay ahead of the other players and want to try and get away from them and hope they take a slightly different route.

As I said with the mini-cooper type cars though, they are a little bit harder to control and I kept spinning out quite a few times. I certainly didn’t get above 4th place and barely finished the race.

The final course I played was completely outside of the city this time and takes place in a mountainous region of the map. This one was interesting because it involves you trying to stay out of last place because if you don’t, after 30 seconds you’re car will explode and you get to spectate the rest of the race to see who finishes out on top.

I actually did pretty decent on this one coming in second place basically and won some money from that one as well. You wanted to use more off road type vehicles for this course. There is a similar race to this in the game The Crew.

Well there you have it, my first go round with the Cunning Stunts content with my favorite course being the motorcycle stunt course here in GTA 5. Be sure to check out the video below of to see my very first experience trying this out. As always, feel free to post comments.


2 thoughts on “Motorcycle stunts in GTA 5

  1. My boyfriend plays GTA all the time, but I’ve never been able to get into the game myself. Although, I do like watching him play it sometimes. I wasn’t aware that there were races in the game at all. I know he loves using motorcycles in the game most of all since they are easiest for getaways. Personally, I’ll stick to my Simpsons Road rage and Mario Kart! That’s all the video game racing I can do.

    1. Hi there angelicamaney! That’s awesome to hear that your boyfriend likes playing GTA. Races have been part of the latest version of GTA since its release, but these type of stunt races are brand new and are a blast to play. It’s like hot wheels meets mario kart meets GTA, lol! Tell him to visit my site as I have alot of stuff about GTA.

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