Make Money in GTA 5: My Return to Gunrunning

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I recently talked about some updated methods in which you can make money in the online portion of GTA 5 and you can read about that here. I talked about the money making methods of Gunrunning, The Doomsday Heist, Smuggler’s Run, Racing, and more.

My focus here will be on a recent money making experience of mine in the Gunrunning business. I want to get back into it because I can now make a nice amount of money with this business now that I can focus 100% on manufacturing of weapons instead of research to develop new weapons.

If you want to make money in GTA 5, then read on about my Gunrunning experience. I will say though that it will not initially be a success, but my second attempt, which I will talk about, will fare much better. It’s just that I won’t make as much as I could’ve from the first sale I attempted.

Stealing Supplies

After I’ve started a brand new session, it’s time for me to register as a CEO. Usually when I register as a CEO, I end up driving to my headquarters at the Maze Bank building, log into the computer and then it will automatically register my character.

One thing I had always noticed in the past is that I had seen other online players register as a CEO or President of a Motorcycle club in whatever section of the map they were at. They didn’t drive to a headquarters in order to register and so this got me thinking and asking myself: “Maybe I’m going about registering all wrong and there is any easier way to do this”.

I went to the menu where you can recruit others into your group, have a personal vehicle delivered to your area and more and that’s when I discovered that I could click on SecurServe and Register as a CEO right then and there instead of driving all the way to my headquarters.

Boy, do I feel stupid. I wasted all that time in the past driving to the Maze Bank building when I could’ve always just registered where I’m at and save me the trouble of driving across the map. What else have I not figured out yet?

Anyway, after registering as a CEO at Fort Zancudo, it’s time for me to head to my Bunker so that I can start making some money by selling weapons. On my way there, I end up accidentally hitting the button that engages the rocket boost on my Oppressor and I end up going off the dirt road that I’m on go straight into the river. Needless to say I lost my Oppressor and so now I have to spend $10,000 for Mors Mutual Insurance to replace it. Remember when I asked just a short while ago about what else have I not figured out yet?

In another game session I played in a few days ago, I figured out that I could request my personal vehicle to whatever location I’m at on the map. It only took me a few years to figure that out! *Face palm*. No longer do I have to drive to Mors Mutual Insurance back in Los Santos to retrieve my replacement vehicle. As soon as it spawns there, I just have to go to that other menu and choose the Request Personal Vehicle Option and my Oppressor will appear just a short distance away from me. The conveniences I’ve been missing out on in this game.

After I get my Oppressor back, I head towards the bunker. Once I’m there, I do see that I do have a little bit of weapons stock that I can sell which is $252,000 worth. I don’t have any supplies though to produce more weapons so then I head to the computer in my Bunker and choose the option to steal supplies.

Agent 14 contacts me with the details of the mission and what I need to do in order to get the supplies. I have to go to Los Santos all the way to the port area for the supplies. It is a little bit of a long drive and I end having a few crashes especially one that ends up killing me as I crash into a car causing my character’s body to fly up into the air and then slam into a wall with my Oppressor then slamming into me.

Once I re-spawn, I go and retrieve my motorcycle and resume my journey to the area known as Buccaneer Way. Once I make my way there, I head to where the supplies are which are by some train cars. I’m able to see that there are heavily armed guards by those supplies and so I get my heavy assault rifle out and start unloading on them. I end up taking nearly all of them out and steal the vehicle with the supplies in it which also comes with a mini-gun in the back of the truck.

Gunrunning Supply Mission
Getting my Supplies

The reason that mini-gun is there as well as the truck being heavily armored becomes known as 2 attack choppers quickly give chase and start firing their big guns at me. At this point, I kind of wish I had a second player with me who would be able to use that mini-gun and take out those helicopters.

It doesn’t really matter though as I quickly make my way out of the city and gun it as fast as I can to get back to the bunker in order to complete the mission. Even though I have the attack copters on me the whole way there, the armor on the truck does its job of keeping me safe and I make it back to the Bunker in one piece with the supplies and complete the mission.

My crew immediately begins work on breaking down those supplies and I see that the value of my stock increases a little bit. It’s at this time that I decide to do another resupply mission by stealing supplies of course. Agent 14 contacts me and lets me know that if I take out some bad actors for him, he’s got an easy re-supply for me.

This mission has me going back into Los Santos, but over by the airport this time. Even though it’s a bit of a drive there, I make it where I need to without many crashes this time so that is a plus. On the map, there are multiple red flashing targets which means this is a rival operation and they are going to be heavily armed. I’m going to have to take out all heavily armed occupants as well as all their supplies.

I make it to the edge of their area and my Oppressor immediately targets a heavily armed guard and so I fire a missile and easily take him out. Once I get closer, I get off the bike and once again take out my heavy assault rifle and start shooting the other guards. I do take some hits, but I’m taking out a lot them as well.

It’s time to start taking out their supplies as well so I start shooting at them causing large explosions. As I make my way to a helicopter on the ground, there’s one that approaches from the air and starts firing on me. I quickly bring out my mini-gun and quickly unload on the attack helicopter and blow it out of the sky. After that’s done, I resume my mission on taking out their assets on the ground, but another attack helicopter arrives and this one actually manages to take me out.

At this point, I’m pretty determined to take out that helicopter after I re-spawn and I actually destroy it pretty easily with my mini-gun. Now that the second chopper is gone, I go back to destroying their supplies and other assets and now all I need to do is get the supplies that Agent 14 promised me and it should be easy peesy from there on out right? Boy do I was that was the case. The supplies are in a van in a parking area and not long after I get in it and start the journey back to my bunker, I end having 2 cars chasing me and shooting at me. Unlike the truck that was armored and had a mini-gun, this van does not have any of those things and so I’m taking hits and my health is depleting.

I do manage to stay alive and get ahead of them enough to where they actually end up disappearing. Not long after I get on the freeway though, two more cars appear with the people inside firing at me. This van does not have a lot of speed and has taken lots of hits. Even with all that though I’m still managing to continue my journey back to the bunker. I finally arrive there with the supplies and my supply stock is nearly full.

Increasing the Value of my Weapons Stock

Now that I’ve completed the second resupply mission, it’s time for my crew to go to work. I already have $259,000 worth of weapons stock and I’m wanting to wait and possibly see if that can increase to $300,000.

It usually does take some time for the supplies to be broken down and the amount of my weapons stock to be increased. $259,000 is a nice chunk of change so now the question becomes do I wait or do I just sell what I have?

I have to keep in mind though that the more my stock increases, so does the value and also making the selling of weapons harder to do by myself and better to have additional people help me out.

Ultimately, I would rather increase the value of my stock to the maximum so that I can make as much money as I possibly can. I am part of a new crew and they have been willing to help me out in the past which was definitely much needed and of which I was also very thankful for. I certainly plan to utilize them more in the future as well as help them out.

Selling My Weapons

It’s now decision time. Do I wait for my stock to increase as well as the value, do I go ahead and sell now and if so, do I sell to Blaine County or Los Santos?

If I sell to Los Santos, I’ll earn more money say to the tune of $388,500 dollars. It is much more difficult to sell in Los Santos hence the higher amount of money I can earn. I think I’ve only ever attempted it once with not so good results hence why I generally stick to selling in Blaine County. If I remember correctly, there were also a number of other players who thwarted my plans which of course ruined the experience.

Well I ultimately decide selling my current stock of weapons in Blaine County mainly since I’ve had the most success going that route in the past. With my past successes this should generally be a piece of cake even if I don’t get all the weapons sold in time, I know I’ll still earn some money from it. What could possibly go wrong?


Sometimes I think something will turn out to be easy and that I’ll be handsomely rewarded, but then when I do the actual mission or task, it turns out to be quite different and the outcome does not go as expected. I’m sad to say that this is one of those times.

What I end up thinking will be a way for easy money will turn out to probably be the biggest failure I’ve ever had for doing a Gunrunning sale.

After I chose to sell inside Blaine County to the tune of what I hoped would be a nice $250,000, it’s time to begin the actual task of getting the weapons to the drop off points on the map.

Now when I’ve sold weapons in the past, I’m usually provided with a dune-buggy to get around in and that’s great for crossing very rough terrain. That’s exactly what I expected would happen this time around and so when Agent 14 called and gave me the details of the actual sale, I was kind of shocked because it was something quite a bit different and it turned out to be a VERY difficult one for me.

Instead of a dune-buggy, I’m provided with a semi-truck and trailer. I’m also informed by Agent 14 that the cops will be on me from the get go. He’s definitely right because as soon as I get in the truck, I automatically get a 3 star wanted level and the cops come immediately.

Van hit repeatedly by bulletts
Supply Mission a Success

The front of the truck has some kind of pointed launcher where if the cops or anyone runs into it, it’ll flip them in the air. Unfortunately this just doesn’t help me very much because I have to take this truck down a very windy dirt road in mountainous terrain in order to get to my first delivery point.

Trying to take a large truck like this down that type of road just doesn’t work, not to mention that the cab easily comes loose from the trailer and so now am I not only trying to keep away from the cops, I’m trying to get the main cab connected back to the trailer. While all of this is happening, the timer is quickly ticking down and my window of opportunity to deliver these weapons is closing.

Believe it or not though, the trailer does respawn at times back on the dirt road, but I just cannot get the cab connected to it and when I eventually do, I only make it a little ways down the road before it becomes disconnected again. At this point I pretty much give up and destroy both the cab and the trailer as I realize there’s no way I’m going to complete this sale much less make it to the first drop off point. $259,000 goes down the drain and so the question becomes what do I do now?


After that Gunrunning sale turns out to be a complete failure, I’m determined more than ever to make a successful sale and so I want to try again. The thing is though, I have to wait a bit for the stock to increase so that I can try it again.

I do have enough supplies still to get an increase in my weapons stock so there’s really no need for me to do re-supply missions although I do one anyone just to get the supply bar full.

I’m not going to wait to get the weapons stock back up to $259,000 and instead will do it for less money. I end up waiting until my stock gets up to $56,000 in value which I’m still happy with. Once again, I end up selling to Blaine County as I’m not willing to try my hand at Los Santos at this time.

The good news is when I begin the task of delivering the weapons to the drop off points, I don’t have to use a semi-truck to do it. Agent 14 informs that I’ll be using a dune-buggy for weapons delivery, but it is time sensitive so I definitely need to hurry as much as possible as I only have 15 minutes to make it to 5 drop off points.

The first one was pretty easy to make it to and complete, but then that’s where it stops being easy and the difficulty level ramps up because as soon as I drop off the first batch of weapons, I get a text from Agent 14 letting me know that enemy agents are coming after my shipments. Suddenly, 2 blips appear on my radar and I immediately hear gun fire with some bullets hitting my dune buggy.

It’s time for me to get out of there as fast as I can and head to the next drop off point. I actually manage to lose the 2 vehicles that’s full of enemy agents, but as soon as I get close to the weapons drop off point, there are 2 more vehicles ahead of me that open fire.

Even though I’m taking some hits, I still manage to successfully make it to the weapons drop off and proceed to the next one. I have 2 down and 3 more to go, but I’ve only got about 10 minutes to complete the next 3 so time is really now a big factor here.

I make my way to the third drop off point, but I’m getting hammered by those enemy agents and my health rapidly depletes. I have to head up into the mountains to make it to weapons delivery point and thankfully I make there in one piece, but barely. After that is done then the challenge becomes making it across the very rough terrain the fourth drop off point.

There are some accidents that happen as I drop off the sides of mountains and flip my dune buggy over and over as I rapidly descend the mountain side. In real life I most likely would’ve been dead from that, but thankfully this is game and I manage to survive somehow.

The fourth drop off point is by the beach and I make it there successfully and so now I’m ready for my fifth and final drop off point. As I’m making my way there, Agent 14 texts me and says that this is taking to long and that I need to speed things up. The timer is now down a little under 5 minutes and the last delivery point looks to be at a sawmill plant or lumber yard. I make there in time and drop the last weapons shipment off and so now I have to leave the area with under 3 minutes left in order to complete the sale.

I end up running far enough away and a message pops up on my screen saying Delivered and over $56,000 has been added to my bank account. I also get a little bit of a bonus just because I completed a weapons delivery sale with other players in this session, but fortunately there were only two of them and they were way off in another part of the map. I believe they were doing Gunrunning sale themselves.

Well that concludes this round of how to make money in GTA 5 and how my return to Gunrunning was both a failure and a success. Below is a video of my successful Gunrunning sale that I just talked about above. I do have a much longer video of the weapons sale that ended in failure and you can find that on my YouTube Channel. Feel free to post how your Gunrunning sales have gone.


6 thoughts on “Make Money in GTA 5: My Return to Gunrunning

  1. This is really cool. I love playing video games. I can sit in my room and play them all day if I could, but my job won’t let me lol. I hope to start my own YouTube channel pretty soon.
    I love playing GTA. Both online and in the story mode. It’s just so much fun but getting a ton of money can be pretty difficult though. It’s not like San Andres where you can put in a cheat code and have millions of dollars instantly.
    I never did gunrunning before, but I am most definitely going to check it out now. Great tip, I am going to share this on my Facebook page.

    1. Yeah, it can be hard to figure the best way to earn money online especially if you’re first starting out. My suggestion is to start getting used to the online mechanics first and slowly start getting involved in the different jobs and missions to start earning money and then you can do the bigger stuff once you start getting used to the online portion of GTA and you’re able to rank up. 

  2. Just about all of my gunrunning experiences have ended in failure as well when shipping over $150,000 worth of guns, so I feel your pain man.

    For me keeping it under $100,000 makes the run/difficulty possible to complete and less likely to end in failure. and I agree thank god its a game or I would have died 100’s of times.

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely tough to do Gunrunning by yourself especially if you want to earn over $100,000. Do you have a crew or gang that you’re part of? If so, they can probably help you out with Gunrunning sales so that you can earn more money.

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