Just Cause 3 YouTube Series Is Coming

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I’ve been posting some stuff recently about Just Cause 3 which include my latest impressions of the game that you can check out here. I do have a full review of the game coming out this month, but I also want to do something different with this game. In the past I have posted my own various screenshots and videos showing some of my gameplay and experiences with the game. Sometimes the videos will be short videos that show some of the action you can get into during the game or might even show one of the missions in progress. I plan on having my own Just Cause 3 YouTube series to generally try to help people get past certain areas of the game or just to show some intense, but fun gameplay aspects of this game, and maybe other things that people sometimes miss.

I actually did this recently (participating in and showing in a video one of the main challenges) with the newest iteration of the Need For Speed series and its latest downloadable content where you got into 15 different challenges from the main protagonist from the Need For Speed Underground series who is known as Eddie. The video that I posted of it showed me during one of the tougher challenges where I have to have the fastest lap time in order to move on to the next challenge. If you saw the video, you saw that I failed it at that time. After numerous tries from that challenge and the later challenges, I was finally able to beat the series and have a moment of triumph.

With that piece of content for Need For Speed now beaten, I was ready to turn my attention back to Just Cause 3. I finally got to spend a good chunk of time with it over the weekend to get a better feel for the game and participate in some of the missions. I plan on doing a video series of this game that will go from the beginning of the game as I go from the first couple of missions and get the grappling hook upgrades and access to the wingsuit, to the very hectic and chaotic missions where I take on the island’s dictator and his forces. It will be a combination of videos of live broadcasts where you get to see my face and hear me talking to just straight up gameplay without any commentary from me.

My purpose is to show you how to beat some of these missions, best ways of exploration on the large island, participating in some of the challenges that are unlocked and getting access to vehicles and weapons. It will definitely be a wild ride and I’m sure you’ll see me die a number of times in these videos, but you can take it as a learning experience of what to do or not to do in the game if you are in a challenging area you can’t just get past. Stay tuned, there will be more info coming and don’t forget to keep an eye out for my full review!

6 thoughts on “Just Cause 3 YouTube Series Is Coming

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your Just Cause 3 YouTube series! I have heard a lot of good thing about this game and it sounds awesome but I’m still not 1100% sure if I will actually end up buying it or not. Seeing your YouTube series should help me to make up my mind once and for all!

    I will keep my eyes peeled!


    1. Hi there Hannah, glad you are looking forward to my upcoming Just Cause 3 YouTube series. I will definitely let you know when I post my first video and hopefully it will begin to help you decide whether or not to buy the game. I am really starting to like this game and I love using the grappling hook and wingsuit. My upcoming videos will definitely show both of those in action quite a bit.

  2. Loved the second game in this series but really couldn’t get on with the first one at all – reminded way too much of grand theft auto games ( except not in a city obviously! ). Do you know if this third game still has that awesome grappling hook and is it a sort of open-ended map setup? If so, definitely worth looking into!

    1. Hello Chris! I never played the first game and just touched the second one, but I am really liking the third one. The grappling hook returns with some nice upgrades that make me love using it. There also some other things added to the third game that make it really fun to play. The map is open-ended and quite large at 400 square miles to explore. It is nice Mediterranean like island to explore with large mountains, towns, cities and even caves to explore.

  3. Just reviewed your site, on first impressions you certainly know your subject, I thought the reviews were great and impartial, graphics were really good and a lot of informative text. Layout was OK there is a lot of white space which could be used to promote other items like advertising or affiliate products. Why not have a photo of your self on your about me page? Also the menu bar is a bit cluttered, it would better if you had them in some form of logical order Also on the reply box at the bottom of your page you are showing HTML coding for some reason to the right not sure why. Other than that good site

    1. Hi Carl. I do appreciate the feedback regarding my website though I was looking more for feedback regarding this specific post. Nevertheless, it is still good to have my website critiqued and know what looks good and what can be improved on. I’ve noticed the HTML coding as well, but I’ve never figured out a way to get rid of it.

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