Just Cause 3 Map Size and New Details Revealed

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There has been some new details revealed in a recent interview that the site RedBull had with game developer Avalanche Studios for Just Cause 3. Let me tell you folks, it is some exciting new details.

Just last week, a new teaser trailer was released of this new open world sequel that just makes you salivate the great potential of this game. Avalanche Studios has said in this interview that the game map will be a huge 400 square miles. They’ve also mentioned they have debated on the size of the map and also that while the size they settled upon is quite big, they don’t want an empty map either.

The developers certainly wanted the game map big enough for the sheer amount of stunts and action you’ll be able to do in the game especially with the grappling hook (a staple in the Just Cause series), free falling, rocket launchers and more. I can’t wait to see what other tools and weapons the developers will surprise us with in this sequel.

Another thing that is mentioned is that there will be an intricate web of tunnels and caves that can most likely be explored. Since the developers have mentioned that this map takes place in the character’s (Rico) home area, they wanted to make it look exceptional. As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts/blogs, it takes place in a Mediterranean area of southern Europe and not in Southeast Asia like the last 2 games have.

New picture from Avalanche Studios
New picture from Avalanche Studios

After looking at some of the new pictures revealed from this interview, I must say that I am very impressed! This will be a very gorgeous looking game and so much fun to play! I can only imagine the videos people will create from this game to share with others.

One thing that has been revealed however is that Just Cause 3 will not have multiplayer. This can be quite disappointing for some people as they prefer playing with others in open world games such as Grand Theft Auto V. It is not a major deal to me as these days I generally prefer to play solo, though I’m not opposed to multiplayer from time to time. I think Avalanche Studios will make one heck of a solo player experience so this really won’t take away from the game for me.

Now that details are finally coming out about the game, open world enthusiasts can really get excited about the potential of this game. While the developers have not fully revealed the frame rate or resolution of the game, from the new pictures they have released, you can bet this game will more than likely be 1080p. I for one look forward to the explosions in this game as they already look so dang good.

The release date for Just Cause 3 is still around the holidays this year so the developers definitely have plenty of time to work on this game and knock out whatever kinks, glitches, and bugs arise during development. I for one plan to pre-order this game soon. You can read more of this interview at RedBull. What are your thoughts on the revealed size of the map?

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