What is In and Out?

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Well folks it is a brand new month and for GTA 5 that means brand new content! As usual, Rockstar can’t help but release new and exciting online game modes!

This week, Rockstar has released what is called In and Out. No, this is not the In n Out burger chain from out west. Basically, there are two teams. One team is tasked with stealing 8 packages before time runs out while the other is tasked with keeping the packages from being stolen.

It kind of is similar to capture the flag though you are in a smaller area I would say and the teams can sometimes be a little unbalanced even though there is an option to balance them in the settings before the game starts.

The most rounds you can play is I believe up to 5 and you’ll switch each round from either being the defenders or the team tasked with stealing them. You can have anywhere from 3 to 10 players in this new mode.

Let me tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds at least for me anyway. I do have a video of myself trying this new mode for the first time. What’s nice about playing the In and Out mode this week is that Rockstar has doubled the money and RP you can get when you play it.

Even though I’ve lost each time I’ve played it tonight, I still have earned money. My first go round with it definitely did not go my way. There were a total of 5 players when we first started out and I was part of the Attackers. There were a total of 3 on my team vs 2 on the Defenders side.

The part we played in was a small section of downtown Los Santos sort of in a plaza area. There are barricades, walls, cars, pillars and more where you can take cover and believe me you will definitely need to if you want any hope of surviving!

Shooting at the Defenders.
Shooting at the Defenders.

The packages look like some kind of hand bag and you generally have about 4 and a half minutes to collect all 8 of them and return them to your area marked in the yellow spot in order to win. The money can sometimes vary, but you’ll earn money in each round you win and also if you lose as well although it obviously won’t be as much as if you win the round.

I was able to get a package at first and bring it back to my area, but after that it became immensely difficult. It certainly depends on the skill of the players you’re going against and believe me the defenders were certainly better at combat than I was and the rest of my team.

I had managed to get some kills against those defending and some of my team members did too, but we just couldn’t get all 8 of the packages in the time allotted. We got close in the first round with around 2 left, but I would say that was as close as we got after playing all 4 rounds.

When we defended against them, it was tough as well. Since there were only 2 of us vs 3 of them it just made things harder. Granted we did take up some defensive positons, but they were still able to eventually get all the packages and win the round.

Now you don’t have a whole lot of weapons to use, but what you do have certainly isn’t bad. They can range anywhere from a pistol, to a shotgun and a heavy machine gun. There are explosives too, but you don’t have very many. On the Attackers side, I had only one grenade and when I played on the Defender’s side I had one sticky bomb.

I did put the sticky bomb in a nice place beside one of the packages which happened to be the last one that the other team needed to get so that they could win. One of the players went over to get the package, but I hid around the building and pressed the button to detonate the bomb. It was nice that I killed the attacker, but there were two others and even though I shot at them, they were able to take me out.

After playing 4 rounds of that and losing, I decided to give it another go. After I deposited my money in free mode, I went into the game’s smartphone and launched the In and Out mode. It took awhile for players to join, but all that ended up were 2 others for a total of 3 playing in and out.

This time we were at a different location away from Los Santos. To be honest it looked like the military base north of the city. I was on the Attacker’s side with one other player and we were going up against one person on the other side. Now you would think it would be much easier with 2 vs 1. Well that certainly was NOT the case! The person defending definitely knew what he was doing and even though we managed to get some packages back to our area, he was just better at defending the rest of them thus keeping us from winning the first round.

Running to get the package
Running to get the package

Now I’m not sure if it was because there weren’t enough players or if I didn’t set it in the settings area before you start, but I ended up playing 5 rounds on the Attacker’s side. I didn’t necessarily mind it as I knew if I was by myself while trying to defend, I would’ve gotten slaughtered horrendously.

I hate to say it but even though I played all 5 rounds with another player on my side, we still ended up losing all 5 of them. The other guy was just that good at defending. What also made it difficult too was the fact that some of the packages were above ground in watch tower like buildings.

You could jump over the railing after you collect the package and survive the fall, but then you would be slow to get up and that would make it easy pickings for the defender to take you out. Myself and my other teammate were taken out using this method although it did work once.

There were a lot of times I would get pretty close to my area to drop off a package, but then the defender would just blow me away and after I would respond I would try and go back to where I was killed to pick up the package again and try to make it back to home base.

I do like this game mode overall, but I really need practice and need to become better at defending myself and need to learn how to roll away like many other players do when being shot at. I will definitely play this mode again this week as I want to get as much money as I can from it and I want to get it better at it too. Oh yeah I also forgot to mention that you wear different outfits when playing the In and Out mode. In the meantime, check out the video below and let me know what your thoughts are! If you have GTA 5, definitely give this new adversary mode a shot.

2 thoughts on “What is In and Out?

  1. Hi there
    I do not have the GTA 5, but I had played earlier versions, and I have tons of fun when I played them.

    After reading your review of how the In and Out works, with the GTA 5, and seeing how one actually plays in this mode, really got my appetite wetted.

    I think I am going to get this one.Though it seems, hard getting the packages or protecting them, it still seems like a lot of fun.

    Thanks for this, will let you know how it goes.


    1. Hi there Roopesh! Glad you like my review of the new mode In and Out. If you’ve played a lot of online multiplayer first person shooters, you really should not have many issues with this mode as it is reminiscent of capture the flag and other modes. Since I’m generally not an fps person, this definitely was more challenging for me. Still though, I found it enjoyable.

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