Black Friday TV Specials

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With about a week and a half to go until Black Friday, I think it is time to share of the big specials that are coming from the big retailers. You can bet that Best Buy and Wal Mart, just to name a few are going to have some great deals and they’ve actually started posting some of them online and so why not share some of their Black Friday TV specials.

If you’re into games and other electronics, this is definitely the time to get them especially if you plan on some big gifts this year or want to treat yourself. For myself, it is tempting to get in on some of these deals, but I am honestly satisfied with the items I have now especially when it comes to the game systems and televisions. I think though that when 4K gets a bit more support, I’ll eventually move to a 4K television, but for now I will stick with 1080p which is good enough for me and my enjoyment of open world games.

Now if you’re looking to get a good gaming TV and are looking to save money in the process, there have been some deals on high definition televisions revealed to the public for Black Friday from both Wal Mart and Best Buy. This was posted from both yahoo and consumer reports and a lot of the deals on the televisions look really good. Here’s the list from Wal Mart and Best Buy:

Wal Mart

A 50-inch Vizio UHD smart TV for $698. We think it’s the Vizio M50-C1, since you can buy this set now for this price.

  • A 50-inch Hisense UHD TV for $548. This is likely the Hisense 50H7GB1, also the same price now. The 50H7GB2 is on Amazon, also for $548.
  • A 60-inch Vizio 1080p smart TV for $728. We think it’s an E601i-series set. It could be the E601i-A3, although Walmart has the Vizio E601i-C3 model now for $748. Target has this set for $750.
  • And a 48-inch Samsung 1080p TV for $398. We’re not sure about this set; Samsung has a lot of derivative models this year.

Best Buy

A 24-inch Samsung 720p TV, $130. It could be the Samsung UN24H4000AF, which sells for about $150 normally.

  • A 32-inch Westinghouse 720p TV, $130. It could be the Westinghouse WD32HB1120-C, which Best Buy typically sells for $150.
  • A 40-inch Samsung 1080p TV, $280. This is well below Walmart’s price on an unnamed set, though we expect the TVs will not be the exact same model. Our guess is that it’s the UN40H5003AFXZA, a basic model normally sold at Best Buy for $330.
  • A 48-inch Insignia 1080p TV, $280. Since Insignia is a Best Buy house brand, we think it’s the Insignia NS-48D420NA16 set that usually sells for about $330.
  • A 40-inch Samsung 1080p smart TV, $370. It could be the Samsung UN40H5203AF, a basic smart TV that’s selling for $367 now.
  • A 50-inch Samsung 1080p smart TV, $550. If it’s the Samsung UN50J6200AFXZA, then it costs $100 more now.
  • A 55-inch Samsung 1080p smart TV, $580. It might be the Samsung UN55H6203AFXZA, from last year, but we can’t find it available online.
  • A 55-inch LG UHD smart TV, $700. If it’s the LG 55UF6800, there’s about a $200 savings.
  • A 50-inch Samsung UHD smart TV, $800. Our guess is that it’s the Samsung UN50JS7000FXZA, which you can get now for the same price.
  • A 65-inch LG UHD smart TV for $1,000. We’re not sure of the model.
  • A 55-inch Sony UHD smart TV for $1,200. There are less expensive Sony UHD TVs now, so we think it’s the Sony XBR-55X850C, which sells for $1,300.
  • A 65-inch Sony UHD smart TV for $1,800. For the same reason, we think it’s the Sony XBR-65X850C, which sells for $2,000 usually.
  • A 75-inch Sony UHD smart TV for $3,000. We think it’s the Sony XBR-75X850C, which usually sells for $500 more.
  • A 65-inch LG 65EF9500 OLED UHD TV for $5,000. This is the regular price for this TV.

As you can see, there some really great deals here especially from Best Buy. Personally, I would go with the Samsung 40″ to 55″ 1080p Smart TV. Samsung makes excellent televisions and had I not gotten a Vizio, I would’ve gotten a Samsung which I nearly came close to doing a couple of years ago. Vizio has really gotten better over the years though and the one that Wal Mart is listing as one of its deals would be a good tv to pick up as well.

Along with the tvs, they’ve got some specials on sound bars as well. I did get one quite awhile back that’s connected to my 42″ Visio and it sounds great for being just a standard sound bar from Insignia that I got for $89 at the time. To read the entire article and get links to other Black Friday specials, go here.

Stay tuned and keep checking back because I will be posting more Black Friday specials that are to come especially for great deals on games and consoles that you won’t want to miss. In addition to Black Friday, there will be Cyber Monday where places such as Amazon will have incredible deals as well!

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