Best Ways to Make Money on GTA 5

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Everyone who plays Grand Theft Auto 5 wants to make as much money in the game as possible and who can blame them? Rockstar has released so many things that you can spend your hard earned money on in the game from lavish apartments, to high end cars, massive yachts, and powerful weaponry as some examples.

Awhile back I posted an article about GTA 5 online money hacks and why they are generally a bad idea. Sure, it is an easy and quick way to millions upon millions of dollars quickly, but you open yourself up to certain dangers such as your account possibly being hacked as well as Rockstar and Sony possibly banning your account.

Rockstar is not a fan of people cheating and using hacks and have really started clamping down recently especially to those who share videos on places such as YouTube that show you how to cheat to get money fast.

There is some good news though if you want to earn money the legitimate way in GTA 5. Everything I have so far in GTA 5 I’ve been able to buy with the money I’ve earned in the game. I have around $2.7 million currently in the online multiplayer portion of the game and that’s even after all the stuff I’ve purchased which range from anything to a fighter jet to owning several garages.

The website Movie News Guide has recently posted an article about 5 legitimate ways to earn money in Grand Theft Auto 5. Some of what they’ve got listed I have done and they are some really good ways to earn a good bit of money. Here is some of the ways of earning money legitimately in the game:

“Rockstar Games is serious to put an end to “GTA 5 Online” infamous cheating and hacking practiced by some players. But thanks to a seasoned hardcore gamer of the popular franchise who is here to help. He runs a website dedicated to sharing legit guides, tips and tricks to rake in hefty amount of cash in easy and simple tips.

Without further ado, check out the five legit ways to make millions of GTA$ from least to most profitable jobs, as shared via Nexination.



The well-accepted and most used way to mint money in “GTA 5 Online” is through Jobs. There are a total of six missions. Players can have a chance to pick just one, however. The mean income to make ranges from $96,000 to $144,000 every hour. This relies on the speed of a gamer to complete the mission’s objectives.

Daily Objectives


The game newbies can make an estimated $150,000 per hour for daily objectives done. The daily objectives last 20-minute gameplay every day. Then, they also have an opportunity to gain weekly and monthly bonuses to add to cash made per day. It is as easy as pie, it seems.

VIP Missions

Players can also opt for VIP Missions in accumulating more in-game cash for “GTA 5 Online“. It gives steady monetary rewards to all. But to take on a VIP mission, players must have money in their bank accounts not less than $1,000,000. Also, players only have 4 hours to complete and 12  hours to cool down.


There is also another way to do it, though. Buy the office building, promote level to CEO with $1M seed money. This will enable players to unlock the time for VIP missions and potentially earn $211,000/h in a random mission. The usual income only offers $149k.”

There are a few more I haven’t listed from that article, but it is worth going over there and reading about it.

As it said from that article above, the daily objectives are definitely a great way to earn money. I haven’t had a lot of experience with the VIP missions, but the few of them I have done were very fun and is definitely another good way to earn money in the game.

Well there you have it folks, the best ways to make money on GTA 5. What are some other ways you might earn money in the game? As I’ve mentioned in some past articles of  GTA 5, my favorite activity to do in the game are the survival challenges.

I love going up against wave after wave of enemies and the fact that they get harder which each wave. There are 2 particular locations that are my favorite to play and they are El Burro oil derricks and Sandy Shores. If you complete all 10 waves, that is a nice $30,000 in the bank plus whatever money you pick up in the challenge from the dead enemies. Feel free to post your comments!

Better have some money!
Better have some money!

8 thoughts on “Best Ways to Make Money on GTA 5

  1. Your site just made my day Brian! I’m an avid gamer! Although I don’t get to spend the time I’d like to with gaming, I have my fair share of PS4 games. My psn is SilentXecution if you want to add me. Maybe we can use some of your tips in GTA to make a bit of money legitly (I’m pretty broke after spending all of it to become a CEO and obtain a warehouse) Anyways great article! I bookmarked your page to keep updated on your sites progress. Keep on gaming brother! Maybe I’ll see you on psn sometime!

    1. Hello Kevin!! Very glad to hear you like my site and that you play GTA V! Thanks for your PSN name and I’ll definitely add you sometime! My PSN name is Defiant4545. I will definitely keep on updating my site so always check back. We should play GTA V online sometime soon 🙂

  2. Hello there!

    I haven’t been on GTA 5 for ages. Whenever I do go on I go with my friends and we do a 4 man classical missions. I think that’s the best way to make money, also the best way to argue with your friends, because they ****ed up xD. I might try the other ways though. Thanks for the article.

    1. Hi there Dejan and glad you liked this article. You’re right, the 4 man classical missions are a great way to make money, but as you said if someone screws up, it can lead to crazy arguments, lol! Still though it can be fun. Definitely give those other methods a try and let me know how they work out for you!

  3. It’s a great thing that I found your article. All my friends have 999 million dollars and I’m having trouble getting a Lambo. But, believe it or not, I was actually playing BO3 on the PS4 while I am writing this! I will try all of these methods and I hope they will work!

    1. Glad you like the article! Once you give these methods a try you definitely start to see money start to pile up a bit. I have now a little over $3 million in the game and this is after I’ve spent a few million on certain items in the game.

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