A New GTA Trailer!

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If you remember not too long ago, I talked about some major new content that Rockstar is bringing to GTA 5 online. The name of the next big GTA 5 update is called “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” and you can read more about that here.

Today there’s a brand new trailer of this upcoming update from Rockstar so now you can see what to expect from this.

I must say that it looks really awesome! You can purchase and own a skyscraper for your business of illegal activities! You can literally become a kingpin of the entire map it seems! Looks like there are new vehicles, VIP missions and a whole lot more!

The Further Adventures in Finance and Felony content will be released on June 7th which is next Tuesday. If you own GTA 5 you have no need to worry about purchasing this content as Rockstar always releases its new content for free!

Now there is something else to mention. Take-Two, which is the parent company and publisher of Rockstar has recently said not to expect GTA 5 online to be supported forever. There was no time table as to when Rockstar will supposedly stop releasing new content for the game, but it has been said it will not be anytime soon.

I can’t say I’m necessarily surprised by this. The game has officially been out for around 3 years now and I know development for Grand Theft Auto 6 should be ramping up anytime now. It is understandable that they don’t want to continuously develop and add new things to the online portion of the game all the time especially since they need to focus on the next Grand Theft Auto game.

Still though they’ve promised there will be more exciting gameplay features on the way so don’t expect this latest go round of content to be the last of it.

I am definitely curious about how these new missions to a kingpin will play out and how much money you can make from it. I’ve got over $2.5 million of in game money, but that can actually go pretty fast especially when you take into consideration some of the stuff I want to buy such as a lot of the high end cars, planes, and helicopters.

I plan to around more with the VIP content that has already been released. It has been kind of fun to play as a bodyguard for a VIP and getting paid to protect him. Anyways, without further ado, here is the brand new trailer below! Let me know what you think and if this has you excited! (This trailer has been released from Rockstar and is there property).



4 thoughts on “A New GTA Trailer!

  1. I’m planning to buy gta V because of the good gameplay and stories but I’m not sure if I will buy it or notbecause it’s getting old and planning to wait until the next generation but this big update coming. Is it worth the money to buy the gta v? When will gta vi comes out?

    1. Oh yes it is well worth the money to buy it! I’ve probably played GTA 5 more than any other game in the series because Rockstar keeps releasing amazing updates to this game. I keep going back to it more than any other game I own right now and this will keep you occupied until GTA 6 is released which I would say probably won’t come out for another year or two.

  2. this looks like an update that will actually be enough to make a lot of people go back to playing gta online. I havent been playing whatsoever since the bunkers update but depending on what you can do with these skyscrapers and how good the new vehicles are, i might have to return.

    i just want gta 6 to come out so badly, when the game first comes out and everyone is just working out what to do is the most enjoyable time of the game.

    1. There have been recent articles mentioning that GTA 5 online is more popular than ever, 4 years after its release. That is such an amazing feat to achieve and shows how dedicated the developer is to give out great content that people want.

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