Have a GTA Valentine’s Day!

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This weekend, GTA has decided to release new content just in time for Valentine’s Day. What better way to enjoy love this weekend by having a GTA Valentine’s Day! According to Gamespot, there is a brand new multiplayer mode called “Till Death Do Us Part”.

According to the article, this new adversary mode pits four teams of two against each other. It apparently is a type of death match where if one player on the team dies, the other commits suicide. You’ll also get various bonuses for sticking as close as you can to your teammate. I must say that it is an interesting twist to the phrase ‘Till Death Do Us Part”.

There are also other Valentine’s Day themed stuff that Rockstar has released for the game that includes t-shirts and more. You’ll also get double the money and RP for participating in events during this Valentine’s Day themed release. I haven’t put in GTA V and downloaded any of this yet, but I plan to shortly and give all of this a whirl tonight and tomorrow. It has been awhile since I’ve last played the game so this is a good excuse to give the game another whirl.

There’s also some other news mentioned by Gamespot earlier this week. The game publisher Ubisoft has announced that a sequel to Watch Dogs is coming sometime before the fiscal year April 2017. I never truly understood the fiscal stuff that businesses tend to go by when discussing business quarters or years. Not much else though has been said about Watch Dogs 2. I certainly am curious as to where the game will take place. Will it stay in Chicago as the first one did or will it venture into a new city? How will the hacking mechanics work this time around and how ‘alive’ will the open world be compared to the first one.

I’m guessing that there are going to be big announcements coming soon for the sequel so definitely stay tuned. Is there anything you wish to see in this new sequel? I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to hear some more details of the upcoming game Mafia III. I’m ready to cause some mayhem in New Orleans take out the mob! For those of you who have GTA V, go get the Valentine’s Day themed content today and post what you think of it here. It should be a very bloody Valentine’s Day in GTA this Sunday!

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