GTA 5 News and Rumors

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It’s time for some new GTA 5 news and rumors! First off though I mentioned a little while back that there is some new and exciting online content that will be released tomorrow. You can read about it here.

I will definitely get this new update and talk about how it is hopefully sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, there are some very interesting rumors coming around for GTA 5 though I find it a bit unlikely. You never know with Rockstar though!

According to the website, some future downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto 5 could include Liberty City. They believe that there are some possible hints that it could be plausible by Rockstar as they have said in the past that they would like to have it where the world in GTA is so much bigger and you could fly to the different cities.

I certainly believe Rockstar has something in the works for this, but not entirely sure this is going to be for GTA 5. After all, they have said that the next iteration of the series is starting to ramp up and the CEO of Rockstar’s publisher, Take-Two, has said not to expect downloadable content for GTA 5 to last forever.

This article also mentions that the screenshot showing a park of Liberty City could also be an early shot of GTA 6. I find this highly unlikely as Rockstar never likes to release stuff this early in a game’s development.

Plus whenever they do decide to release anything of an upcoming game, they like to hype it up and give a countdown of when some of the first content of an upcoming game will be released. The developer also tends to do a fairly good job of keeping things from leaking out.

I think Rockstar will surprise us big time in some of the final content to be released for GTA V before they finally move their full attention to GTA 6 or whatever the next game in the series might be called.

Is it possible they could include another city in some future DLC? Absolutely, but I think that may take more resources that could be better utilized for the future GTA game. Nevertheless I am excited to see what else Rockstar has in store for us before they move on.

Besra heading towards downtown Los Santos
Besra heading towards downtown Los Santos

Speaking of the developer Rockstar, the website Dailystar has made mention that the developer has filed a trademark for a brand new game. What could this potential new game be is anybody’s guess, but the article also makes mention that it might be a surprise announcement at E3 which is next week.

We know a new Read Dead game is in development and I think Rockstar will officially announce it next week, but I don’t think this will be the surprise announcement if they really do have one in store.

I will be keeping up to date next week on the events of E3 as this promises to be a big one this year. There’s going to be LOTS of announcements especially concerning releases of upgraded consoles. You should definitely expect Sony to announce the PlayStation 4.5 or Neo or whatever they want to call it as well as mention their upcoming VR headset.

Microsoft will also have some big announcements, but I will have to say that Nintendo bears watching very closely. They’ve been very quiet for a long time and we know that they have a brand new system in development, but have kept VERY quiet about it and have pretty much prevented any leaks about this system as well.

It is very possible that they could steal the show if their new gaming system has some surprises no one was expecting.

Also be on the lookout for some open world games to be showcased such as Mafia 3 and the next Red Dead Redemption game that I mentioned earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some other open world games being kept secret until next week.

I honestly would LOVE to see a brand new Midnight Club racing game from Rockstar. That series is sorely missing from this generation of systems and I loved playing Midnight Club Los Angeles from the previous generation.

Well there you have it, some GTA 5 news and rumors as well as my thoughts on some of it and the upcoming games that will be announced or showcased at E3 next week.

What do you think of the rumor of Liberty City in a future release of downloadable content? Do you think that is more likely for the next GTA game?

Anyone getting excited for E3 next week? As always, feel free to post your comments and always check back for more and new information and rumors!

2 thoughts on “GTA 5 News and Rumors

  1. Glad to know that more content will be available for GTA 5 soon. Only at the beginning stages of playing it myself but good to know there is more to look forward to. Bringing this game into the fold of Vice City would be great. That was my absolute favorite PS2 game.

    1. Hey there Brian! I just can’t stop playing GTA 5 because Rockstar keeps releasing such amazing online content for the game! Even though it will eventually stop, it shouldn’t anytime soon and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something in the works that does include Vice City in the future.

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